A useful guide to help you create the best SEO Articles in third-party Media, written by a Content Specialist from Travel by Interest

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Writing an article in 2019 requires more than written fluency. If you want to see your business grow, either you are running a hotel, a villa or any other accommodation property, then you need to step up your writing game and create special content that will target your preferred niche markets effectively. But in addition to your clever, targeted and original content, your exciting article must follow the main techniques of the so-popular SEO.

So first things first. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that well-known online strategy that we all know since many years now, used by web developers, website managers and — more recently — people who specialize in content creation. It allows you to target specific keywords and queries performed in Search Engines, like Google and Yahoo. Good SEO helps your content rank faster and higher in these search engines, becoming the quickest way to reach potential buyers of your product. But it is really that easy? What is exactly the meaning of SEO and which are the best techniques that will bring you the required results, within an SEO-booming online world?

The importance of third-party content

Before going through our tips for writing the best SEO article for a third-party media, it is necessary to understand why it is important to have this type of content linked to your website. Of course, Google has created a couple of tools that allow you to find popular keywords based on your audiences’ interests, like Keyword Planner and Google Trends. However, are these tools enough to achieve the optimum results for your website?

On-site SEO is not enough!

An SEO Optimized website can only get you up to a specific point. In order to ensure a permanent higher ranking in Google, you will need to take some extra steps. Especially if you are a new hotel, you will immediately realize the difficulty of Ranking. In order to be shown on the first — or even the second — page of the results, your website must have a high score in MozRank (a market-standard that counts the quality of other websites that link to yours), which is a difficult deed, especially if you are new to SEO.

Evidently, link building will become your new best friend. Backlinks are valuable links found on fellow websites and blogs that direct to your website — and as you have already understood, yes, backlinks are very important for SEO. They are a major factor for Search Engines to decide if your content is high-quality and worthy to be shown.

Backlinks: how to make it work!

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The importance of a backlink is determined by many factors. The most important are:

  1. The relevance of the source that includes the backlink to your website.
  2. The ranking of the referral website in the Search Engines.

The above two factors, explain why you must first make thorough research among the websites and blogs that could potentially offer you valuable backlinks, before deciding where to invest in publishing your third-party content.

So, now that you have found the ideal websites for you, it’s high time you dropped down to business.

3 tips for third-party content that rocks

Going through the web, you will most likely find brands and platforms like Travel by Interest, that can write & publish high-quality SEO content for you. There is also a wide diversity of blogs and websites that only accept guest articles, in most of which you will have to pay to be featured. Whichever way you choose, these are the top 3 tips that will help you publish the most successful and effective third-party content.

1. Decide the article’s voice!

Every site has its own writing voice, always depending on its audience and goals. Before writing your article, make thorough research at the site that you have selected to feature your content. Read some articles, try to understand the site’s goals and audience, and identify the way it tries to reach them.

Track it all down and then decide how to promote your company through this specific channel. Keep in mind that most of the times you shouldn’t write a descriptive article about your hotel; usually, an informative/fun/educational article (depending on the site’s voice and audience) with just a small reference to your business, can become much more successful and engaging. After all, what is important here is to create a high-quality piece of content that will link back to your own website.

2. Sales come 2nd!

There is a common misconception on the goal of SEO Articles. Articles on third-party media should not aim to bring you more sales, but increase your web presence and improve your Google ranking. And this is exactly why you should try to create an informative article and not a simple business presentation. Don’t forget that featuring an article on a third-party media can increase your sales in indirect and even not countable ways.

In their effort to satisfy their collaborating authors and companies, most of the third-party blogs and media promote their articles on their social media, mostly by using paid methods. Their aim is to increase your chances of getting more visits to your website and, evidently, more sales of your product or service.


Advanced Hotel SEO Content in Travel by Interest

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3. Keep it informative, keep it targeted!

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This tip has to do more with the article’s context rather than its SEO. As already said, your guest blog articles should be informative and not promoting. Even the smallest reference to your hotel can have a high impact on your website. After all, you mustn’t forget that people will evaluate your content more if it has something to give them — a small piece of information that they wouldn’t know otherwise. It’s all that simple!

So, instead of writing an article about your hotel’s rooms and restaurants, concentrate on your destination and make a guide of the places to visit, see, eat or have fun around your property. You will certainly be more than rewarded! Of course, in addition to mentioning your hotel with the valuable backlink to your website, it is always a clever idea to include directions from your hotel to any place or business you mention in the article (a link to google maps is sufficient).

3 Values to treasure for a lifetime!

If you keep in mind the above three tips, it is ensured that your third-party Hotel SEO Articles will perform great, bringing high-quality travellers to your property. And even if you are not collaborating with any online blogs or media at the moment, maybe this is a good moment to start exploring your many options across the web!