Nikos S. Morantis

Nikos is the co-Founder of Destsetters and a huge fan of digital innovation & emotional intelligence. He is the man behind the strategy development of successful travel projects, with a high expertise in the hotelier field. Working closely with hundreds of hoteliers around the world, Nikos specifies the overall strategy of Destsetters, developing one of the most effective marketing tools for hoteliers and tourism professionals.

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Zenios Zeniou

Zenios is part of the brain-duet who founded Destsetters, where he works as the Creative Director. He also writes, edits and oversees content. Zenios is a travel expert, great with words, obsessed with detail and a books junkie.

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Lana Arris

Lana Arris, a passionate art and fashion lover, comes to present the most inspired hotel design examples, highlighting the secret clue that makes them special! Being naturally social addicted, she is also in touch with hoteliers, bringing to light “Hotel Stories” prepending an insider’s point of view!

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Mary Sfiraki

Mary Sfiraki is creative director and partner of Atn Constructions. She studied interior design at AKTO-Middlessex University, and has devoted her life to her great passion for interior design. Her mind never stops creating and realizing stories through interior design. It often says, “Aesthetics is everywhere but sometimes design needs to correct it.” Residences and hotels are their favorite creative fields, but they will always charm the setting of a TV platform.        Her social skills and her communicational charisma help her quickly understand her clients’ needs and create successful projects with them. He loves to implement and never stops.

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