Join us on a journey through the most stylish hotel backyards, which complement the guests' overall experience

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Here at Hotelier Academy, we absolutely love backyards and gardens — especially if they are quiet, relaxing and cosy. Since we know that you share the same passion with us, we have decided to collect our favourite backyards from properties around the world, that emit warm and comfortable vibes, inviting travellers to lounge around. After all, investing in a Hotel’s exterior settings is an absolute must, which can bring more revenue to the property from additional Hotel services, such as bars and restaurants.

So, let’s go through our favourite backyards and discover why they are so amazing:

Green and Wood

Nira Caledonia, United Kingdom, Edinburgh

This hotel in Scotland features a beautiful backyard setting among lush gardens and trees, making it feel like a traditional cottage. The lawn and the green plants enhance the whole set’s ambience, while the wooden details, like the fence and the bench, underline nature’s dominant character in this yard.

What we liked most: The table setting, ideal for having a relaxing brunch or any other meal during the day, with good company, great food and delicious wine.

The Climbing Plants

As Janelas Verdes, Portugal, Lisbon

In this backyard, we have more of a ‘French bistro’ vibe going on! The stone brick flooring and the delicate metallic chairs with the striped pillows, enhance this feeling even more. The climbing plants add a ‘touch of nature’ that creates a pleasing environment, while the entire setting makes up a great background for taking photos.

What we liked most: The fact that the breakfast is served in this beautiful yard, creates the anticipation for unique mornings at the hotel!

The Greenhouse Effect

Herodion Hotel, Greece, Athens

While this is not an actual backyard, but a semi-interior / semi-exterior situation, we decided to include it in our selections, mostly to showcase how a backyard feeling can be created within an interior space. Reminding of a greenhouse, this restaurant offers its guests calming greenery views, set within a warm and pleasant environment.

What we liked most: The fact that the trees are part of the setting, connecting the room with the outside world.

The Absolute Mix & Match

Polismata, Greece, Kardamili

A backyard design that successfully combines various textures and materials, like stone, wood, tiles & metal, forming a unique environment. When done right, this technique creates interesting surfaces for the eye to explore and fascinating spaces for the guests to sit back and relax.

What we liked most: The flooring’s folk-style tile design, which adds character to the whole set.

The Neoclassic Minimalism

Villa Boscarino, Italy, Ragusa

The dominant neutral colours create a peaceful environment, that relaxes the guests’ eyes and invites them to enjoy spending time outside, preferably during the rich Italian breakfast.

What we liked most: The fact the even though the villa features a classical design due to its history – read more here – it has managed to add contemporary touches like The Eames Plastic Side Chairs, for creating a balanced environment.

The Traditional Approach

hotel backyards

Avli Lounge Apartments, Greece, Crete

When tradition blends with nature, a warm and welcoming setting for your guest’s dinner is created. This hotel in Crete invested in traditional elements and earthy tones, rather than going for the modern design trends. The result is, indeed, amazing!

What we liked most: The shelves with the various jars of goods and products, make the ttravelersfeel like they are lounging at their grandma’s yard!

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