Hotelier Academy presents a specialized article with tips about the perfect setting of a hotel room, focusing on the enhancement of the overall sleeping experience

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As we all know, a hotel’s comfort and quality are not determined by its number of stars, nor its facilities. A high-level hotel, should, of course, combine many elements, such as gastronomy and service. The room experience, however, as well as the quality of sleep, are the two factors that increase the visitor’s satisfaction, listing your hotel among the most successful ones.

For this reason, we have gathered the most important tips that will help you create an unsurpassed room experience. Within the context of The Hotel Mattress Project by CANDIA” campaign, Hotelier Academy presents a complete article-guide for hoteliers!

Forget about single beds, even for single reservations!

The Hotel Mattress Project by CANDIA

Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel, Mykonos


The bed is clearly the first — and perhaps the most important — thing that a traveller notices in a room. It is now almost prohibitive for high-quality hotels to have single beds, which create an uncomfortable feeling, even when it comes to single reservations. In order to create twin-type rooms, there are special mechanisms that can shape the beds as we want them. In this case, the presence of 2 single beds is fully understood.


A king-sized bed is always a sign of luxury and comfort, while double beds undoubtedly increase the sleep quality expectations. A truly luxurious hotel, should pay particular attention to this, and provide comfortable king-sized beds, which will not only offer a unique sleeping experience to the customer but also strengthen the desire to stay in the room longer, thus enhancing the Room Service consumption.

SMART IDEA: Some hotels have an increased demand for single rooms, however, they prefer to keep them as small as possible. By creating mattresses in custom dimensions, you can achieve a more comfortable result, avoiding smaller and uncomfortable beds. This idea came from CANDIA, which creates special mattresses, in dimensions that suit every hotelier, exempting all unnecessary restrictions.

Create a Sleeping Experience Concept around mattresses, a strong reference point for a hotel’s quality

The Hotel Mattress Project by CANDIA

Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa, Crete


When choosing your mattresses, do not stick to the simple and basic technical specifications. Pay the necessary attention and spend as much time needed in the selection process. Do not narrow your research on mattresses that only promise comfort, but explore the companies that have developed their mattresses into a real experience, which provide, in addition to their technical features, more reasons for satisfaction. A mattress used in a hotel should have completely different characteristics than a one used at home. It is very important to find a mattress company with a long experience in hotels, which will be able to understand and cover your needs.


After choosing the right company that meets your requirements, create sleeping experience concepts and enhance the guests’ desire to visit your hotel, by making your mattresses a piece of your brand identity. With the right mattress company, as well as the optimum photoshoot, you can create attractive pictures and messages, that will promote the unique sleeping experience you offer to your guests, giving your audience more reasons to visit your hotel.

SMART IDEA: As sleeping and rest are linked with well-being, create a sleeping meditation concept, by choosing mattresses that showcase rejuvenation. More specifically, CANDIA’s handmade mattresses, which are made only with natural materials, give out a sense of quality. At the same time, their special treatment with olive oil transforms the sleeping experience into a healing process that will enhance your hotel’s overall wellness concept. Especially for a well-being hotel, this could help increase your spa sales, since the guest would be living a complete experience.

Create stunning beds, which are photogenic and attractive!

The Hotel Mattress Project by CANDIA

The King Jason Protaras, Cyprus


Despite the mattresses’ vital role, the importance of the bed cannot be downgraded in any case, as it is the easiest thing that can impress the guest. A hotel that wants to provide a complete experience to its guests, should not be confined to conventional bed designs but must search for the best ways possible to create a unique sleeping experience.


Highlight the shape, the materials, and the headboard of your beds, turning them into a reference point for the traveller’s experience, and giving the required value in a hotel’s most important service. Consider the surrounding of the bed as the main decorative element, and ask your interior designer to turn it into one of the most dynamic, photogenic spots. During the design process of your hotel’s Bed Experience, do not forget to add the proper tools for supporting additional services, such as Breakfast in Bed, which could ideally complement the Sleeping Experience Concept, described in the previous section.

 SMART IDEA: The shape of the bed can be a strong Design Statement in hotel room. CANDIA has developed a high level of personalization, as the hotelier can request mattresses in special shapes and sizes, making the design of the room more flexible. The one thing that elevates their design identity, though, is the option to have mattresses in different colors, a fact that contributes to their uniqueness.

Focus on a good first impression, which determines the overall satisfaction

The Hotel Mattress Project by Candia

Blue Domes Resort & Spa, Kos


Do not receive your guests in rooms that look inactive and neglected. A nice design and good hygienes are not enough when there is a lack of life and vitality in the room. Most probably, the visitor will find it boring and unsatisfactory. On the other hand, do not overload your hotel rooms, as this can subconsciously reduce the sense of comfort. A last-minute housekeeping check is very important, as it helps the hotelier spot the details that will make the difference.


Make sure you give emphasis to the guest’s first impression by making the room feel warm and inviting, and not giving the sense of a sealed space that has just been opened. The room must have the right temperature depending on the season, while a pleasant smell and soft music will also play a key role. Moreover, a welcome basket will definitely lift the guests’ satisfaction and increase their enthusiasm.

SMART IDEA: Although it might sound odd, the smell of a room plays a vital role in the first impression and it can affect the overall stay in a positive or a negative way. The matter of room fragrance is fundamental, as it must be special and distinctive, without exceeding the limits of comfort. In the context of creating a complete sleeping experience, CANDIA offers an all-in-one solution, covering this need during the mattress purchasing process (which is the main step in a room creation), discharging the hotelier from unnecessary research.

*All photos used in the article are from hotels that use CANDIA mattresses in their rooms.

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CANDIA is a Greek mattress company with an authentic Mediterranean identity, focusing not only on the quality of the mattress and sleep in general but also on the complete experience of waking up relaxed and refreshed! With its innovative concept and its people’s constant need for perfection, CANDIA is the ideal solution for all hoteliers who really care about their visitors’ sleeping experience.

With an extensive experience in the field, CANDIA offers solutions that meet the needs of every hotelier!

One of CANDIA’s collections that we really loved here at Hotelier Academy, is the special ‘ Bodyfix Collection‘. Why?

  1. Because every detail in these mattresses is 100% handmade, taking the sleeping experience to a whole new level!
  2. Because all products used are natural, focusing on the well-being aspect of sleep!
  3. Because all layers are treated with olive oil, converting each mattress into a therapeutic one!