The Hotel Mattress Project by CANDIA:


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Hotel Room Tips: Sleeping on a Bed from heaven!

By  •  7 years ago

As we all know, a hotel’s comfort and quality are not determined by its number of stars, nor its facilities. A high-level hotel, should, of course, combine many elements, such …
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The “Hotel Mattress Project” brings the sleeping experience to the hotelier market’s centre of attention! 

By  •  7 years ago

Hotelier Academy collaborates with CANDIA, one of the top mattress companies, and presents the first dynamic project about the importance of good sleep, in the guests’ experience

The sleeping experience …
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7 hotel rooms that make you wake up in Paradise!

By  •  7 years ago

The most important thing in the hotel rooms is unquestionably, the bed, because holidays are mainly related to relaxation and rest. So, a good bed is essential in having a relaxing …
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