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Hotelier Academy collaborates with CANDIA, one of the top mattress companies, and presents the first dynamic project about the importance of good sleep, in the guests’ experience

The sleeping experience is one of the most important parts of staying in a hotel, which affects the hotel reviews and, consequently, the hotel’s sales.

The team of Hotelier Academy, in collaboration with CANDIA, as well as selected hotels and specialized advisers, will present the “Hotel Mattress Project”. This dedicated project aims to showcase the optimum practices for offering a competitive sleeping experience. Through the rich content that will be created, regarding the correct ways of choosing mattresses, the room’s ambience and the importance of Housekeeping, the Hoteliers will have the opportunity to receive Free tips & advice, that will help them upgrade their properties.

Within the context of the “Hotel Mattress Project”, Hotelier Academy will also present selected hotels, which stand out for their high-quality sleeping experience and which form successful Case Studies. The selected hotels will be promoted to the global Hospitality Market, through Hotelier Academy’s International network.

For further information about the dedicated campaign “The Hotel Mattress Project by CANDIA”, please contact Ms Stella Zeniou, at stella@destsetters.com.