Discover 7 hotel rooms that have made the visitor’s sleep a priority and have chosen high quality mattresses!

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The most important thing in the hotel rooms is unquestionably, the bed, because holidays are mainly related to relaxation and rest. So, a good bed is essential in having a relaxing trip.

But what do we really mean, by the term “a good bed” ? The individual pieces of a bed, like the headboard, the design, and the bedding, are quite important. What really makes a difference, however, for the traveller, is a comfortable mattress and soft pillows. Mattresses have evolved greatly in recent years, as we continuously see new technologies and innovations, aimed at improving our sleep.

In this article, and in the context of the campaign ‘The Hotel Mattress Project by CANDIA ‘, we will explore a collection of hotel rooms, which, in cooperation with CANDIA , include high-quality mattresses and have made the guest’s sleep a priority.

Wood, Stone & Glass

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Photo Credits: Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa

Stella Island Luxury  Resort  & Spa’s room, proves once again that simplicity is the key to success. Wood, stone and glass are the main elements that we find in this particular room, creating a minimalistic and clean environment, catching the guest’s attention without unnecessary details.

What intrigued us: The mattress of the bed is so thick and imposing, that immediately catches the visitor’s eye, leading to an experience of a perfectly comfortable and restful night’s sleep. The fact that the bed is placed on an elevated level, reinforces its leading role and places it at the center of attention.

Escape to the Mediterranean

hotel room beds, hotelier academy

Photo Credits: Amada Colossos Resort

This room of Amada Colossos Resort, puts the visitors in a holiday mood, as its colors, fit perfectly with the idyllic view of the sea. The headboard is simple but eye-catching, enhancing the Mediterranean character of the room, while the lighting (hidden in the most part), helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere.

What intrigued us: The ‘soft’ material from which the headboard is made, along with the large pillows and thick mattress, create a feeling of total relaxation, while at the same time invite guests to spend more time in bed, not only when sleeping, but even when reading a book or watching tv.

With a View of the Sea

hotel room beds, hotelier academy

Photo Credits: Myconian Naia

How can you resist this wonderful sight? The appearance of this particular room at Myconian Naia is impressive, and everything in the photo seem to be placed strategically, in order to offer an exclusive view of the sea. Even when travelers are lying on the bed, they can enjoy the unique view of the deep blue, a colour connected with the Greek culture. The hexagonal coffee table, in addition to the flowers in the jar, enhance the appearance of the room and its overall atmosphere.

What intrigued us: The wall behind the bed is made of bricks, creating a very interesting concept, different from the common and monotonous designs of most rooms.

A Warm Environment

hotel rooms beds, hotelier academy

Photo Credits: Louis Althea Kalamies

In Althea Kalamies Luxury Villas, the entire wall behind the bed is once again used as a headboard, creating a striking image. The white colour in combination with the luxurious carpet, the stylish furniture in front of the bed, and the heavy jars on the bedside tables, give the room a complete sense of luxury.

What intrigued us: The ultimate white colour that surrounds the bed, makes both the mattress and the blue pillows to stand out, and invites guests to spend some unique moments of relaxation and sleep.

A Complete Picture

hotel room beds, hotelier academy

Photo Credits: Louis Ledra Beach Hotel

Hotel Louis Ledra Beach has included people in the room’s photoshoot. The existence of people in photos always helps the experience of a trip to be passed on, as it is easier for travelers to ‘imagine’ themselves in the hotel. In this case, it is more possible for a family to choose this particular hotel for their holidays,and proceed to a direct booking.

What intrigued us: The hotel chose not to use magazine style photographs of exotic locations and models, but to display images that relate to the authentic experience. The bed in the foreground, reinforces the feeling of rest and relaxation that this family expects to experience in the hotel.

Modern and Classy

hotel room beds, hotelier academy

Photo Credits: Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso has successfully created a beautiful environment inside its rooms, highlighting its most essential feature, the magnificent view. The numerous comfortable pillows, combined with the softness of the headboard and the excellent quality of the mattress, make the visitor want to lie straight in bed!

What intrigued us: The dark colors in the room, give a more luxurious feeling, significantly raising the level of experience for the guest. Heavy and superior quality fabrics used in every part of the room, reinforce the sense of comfort and luxury.

Vintage Contrasts

hotel room beds, hotelier academy

Photo Credits: Rinella Beach Hotel

Rinella Beach Hotel decided to ‘give’ its rooms a bright vintage character, choosing colors and fabrics that travel you back to past decades. The red color in the headboard and the floral fabric that covers the canopy, create a very warm and welcoming scenery. All these, combined with the comfortable mattress, offer unique, relaxing moments.

What intrigued us: The bold combination of floral and plaid fabrics and dark red colours, contrasting with the ultimate blue view, create a totally different experience to the visitor inside the room, from the one standing outside.


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Both the design and the view, are significant features of a hotel room. The quality of the bed and mattress, however, is what makes a greater impression on the guests and upgrades their travelling experience. For years now, CANDIA, is constantly upgrading the technology of the mattresses, coming up with innovative ideas, resulting in improving our sleep.

But…Why should a hotel owner choose CANDIA’s mattresses?

  • Value for Money: It is important for the hotelier to be able to reduce the costs of the accommodation, without necessarily lowering the quality. CANDIA’s mattresses, will not only reduce your expenses, but they will upgrade the sleep experience of your guests.
  • Natural Materials: CANDIA uses only natural materials, and you can also find a collection of mattresses that are entirely handmade. In this way, an “eco- friendly” property, manages to give a very good impression when targeting the emerging environmentally conscious travelers.
  • Integrated ideas: Apart from mattresses, CANDIA  also offers products such as pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and bases. So, you can create a complete bed set for your rooms, without additional effort extra costs.