Learn how important the good location of a Hotel is

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In our days, most of the Hotels stand out for their design, their modern infrastructure and their high-quality service. These features, manage to satisfy even the most demanding guests. The various Review Websites have played a significant role in helping the properties enhance their services at all levels. Hoteliers work very hard for acquiring positive reviews, which will place them higher in the rankings and ensure continuous sales.

Another interesting fact is that most hotels offer attractive offers, either through the various OTAs or their official websites. All these, help travellers narrow down their choices and pick their favorite hotel, according to their personal travel interests.


The importance of the Hotel Location


A Hotel’s Location, as well as the way it is connected with the various activities in the area, is undoubtedly one of the most important factors for choosing a hotel. After all, the Hotel is the reference point for every traveller, since this is where each day begins and ends. Nearly all activities of the travellers are linked to the hotel’s location, and almost their entire journey planning is made based on the location and accessibility of the Hotel.

Studies have shown that travellers, before deciding which hotel to book, are forced to perform an extensive research in order to locate the places they wish to visit during their trip and see whether these are close to the Hotel they are considering to book or not. Even though this information can be found online at a satisfactory level, it is provided rather scattered, while at the same time, the connection with the Hotels is not clearly provided. This situation makes it harder for the travellers to perform their research quickly and efficiently.

What does a Hotelier have to do to stand out?

To help travellers choose their Hotel, modern Hoteliers must be familiar with the actions that are necessary to be taken, so that their property is connected with its destination and the places around it.

Indicatively, the Hotelier should:

  • Create a special section within the official website of the hotel, giving information regarding the connection of the property with the main attractions of the area.
  • Develop a special concierge section, through which useful tips and advice about the destination will be provided, as well as recommended places such as restaurants, bars and markets, always according to the targeted audiences.
  • Register the Hotel in popular Map Optimized Apps & Websites (Google, Foursquare, Travel by Interest), through which the travellers will be able to easily understand the way the property is linked with the destination.


Travel by Interest fills the market gap

For the first time, the gap in the tourism market regarding the connection of a Hotel with the destination it is located in is filled with an innovative application by Travel by Interest, which creates interactive maps that help travellers choose the best hotel for them, according to the nearby places that best match their traveller type.

Travel by Interest, that specialises on specific tourism categories (like Gastronomy, Gay, Luxury and Wellness tourism) has created new interactive maps inside the profile of each registered hotel that help travellers choose the best hotel for them, according to the nearby places that best match their interests.

For example, you can find according to each traveller type:

For more information contact Mr. Kostas Papapanos, Project Manager of Travel by Interest, at kostas@travelbyinterest.com


Free automated Hotel Maps

Travel by Interest, the online travel platform which specialises in important niche markets such as Gay, Gastronomy, Luxury and Wellness, introduces a Free tool that allows Hoteliers to create Free interactive maps about their properties, which help the travellers see what is around each hotel, according to their personal interests. More specifically, the travellers can:

  • Discover the recommended places around each hotel, according to their personal likes and interests. For example, if the travellers are Food Lovers, they can find nearby restaurants, wineries and food markets. If the travellers are Gay, they can spot the nearby Gay bars or other popular places for the Gay audience.
  • Check the distance of each recommended place from their Hotel and read useful tips about each place, receiving Free concierge about the destination.
  • Find information about the Hotel through personalised concierge tips, and book directly with the property, at the best available prices.


Note that Travel by Interest works as a tool which helps Hotels effectively reach important niche markets, without commissions, and allowing all properties which meet the requirements to create their Free profile.