Cavaves Oia Resorts present a storytelling hotel video that changes the industry standards as you know it!

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When speaking about hotel content marketing, a conceptual hotel video is the first thing that comes to mind. Every experienced hotel professional knows that Video Content is gaining more and more power across the Web. It is the favourite content type in their social media and the most engaging tool for their followers. In the hospitality industry — and especially in the hotel sector, videos and visual material have always been a very important factor for the success of a hotel. Travellers want to have a clear view of the hotel they will be staying in. And the more luxury a Hotel is, the higher quality hotel video a traveller expects!

Canaves Oia is a complex of luxury resorts in Santorini. The properties, fairly considered among the top choices in the island, are definitely aware of the importance of visual content. As a genuinely luxury brand, Canaves Oia knows well that the focus should always be given on the guests’ experiences. An aspect that the video clearly highlights.

What we usually come across, are hotel videos that simply present the property and its facilities. But in the case of Canaves Oia, things were made in a different way. This hotel video has a story. It has a location. It manages to present the Hotels as the perfect setting to host the travellers’ memories. Following the experiences of the stars of the video, we get a clear view of not just the hotels’ premises, but of the luxury moments, we should expect to live in Canaves Oia.

Time escapes, but what if you could hold it? What if you could own it?

After watching this movie-like video, tenths of times, the Hotel Experts of Destsetters are excited to present such a high-quality and professional piece of work. Focusing on the characteristics that make Canaves Oia stand out of its competition, we are thrilled to discover the new ways a hotel video will be made in from now on!


The Faces you cannot forget

hotel video canaves oia

There is nothing more important in a video than the people shown and the stories told in it. We have watched many hotel videos that present cold and lifeless facilities, lacking an actual story. On the contrary, Canaves Oia paid serious attention in delivering a vibrant short movie. A blend of strong and distinctive personalities experience the destination and the hotel, which serves as their current ‘home’ hosting their memories.

Throughout the hotel video we see locals, landscapes, activities, all blended together in a rail of images sewed together in complete harmony. These emblematic ‘Faces’ of all ages, introduce the “micro-society” of Canaves Oia. The main hero of the story, a man with unique characteristics and expressive nature, perfectly embodies time passing while memories are being created. After all, these memories are the most important legacy from one’s holidays. And as time passes, all that really matters is to live the moment. A central character like this, presented along with a mixture of locals, travellers and the paradise-like destination of Oia, create strong feelings in the viewers’ minds.


The Storytelling Scenario

hotel video canaves oia

No movie can exist without a story aiming to create feelings and strong impressions to its audience. And this has been the key for this amazing hotel video. This innovative way of creating a visual hotel presentation as a micro-movie transforms the hotel into a movie setting and tells a fascinating tale. The deep and sensory voice of the main hero guides us through memories and pictures. This concept invites the viewers to taste the experience through a well-written story with strong emotional wording. After all, when looking back at good memories and relaxing days, emotions dominate our minds.


The strong destination & experience focus

hotel video canaves oia

When making a hotel video, most hotels forget that the travellers are firstly visiting the destination and then the hotel. However, Canaves Oia Resorts went a different way. Even though the resorts form a destination on their own, built in the best locations of Oia with breathtaking sunset views, the video of Canaves Oia does not just leave it there.

This short movie-like creation presents the destination aspect along with the experiences one can have within the resorts. In this hotel video, you will not see empty facilities with no life. Nor just a building. You will see moments of people enjoying themselves in the resort. Locals roaming around the alleys. You will feel the destination. You will almost taste the unique culinary experience. All mixed in the right balance to make you plan the luxury holidays you are really worth of — even for just once in your lifetime!


The high aesthetics at all levels

hotel video canaves oia

Viewers nowadays are really demanding regarding visual material, and especially videos. The easy access to editing software and decent equipment has increased the competition and made it difficult to stand out. Nevertheless, the team of Canaves Oia did manage to stand out, treating every detail of this hotel video with care. The music creates a Hollywood-like feeling, perfectly combined with the exceptional voiceover. The colour grading of the images enhances the beauty of the place and the characters communicating the experience. Even the dress code is an inspiration on its own. A hotel video that only a luxury resort like Canaves Oia could create!

For the production of the video, Canaves Oia collaborated with Needafixer‘s team of experts and the renowned director Michalis Bekos. The result does not only exceed expectations but introduces a whole new perspective to hotel video making.


Hotel Video Captures

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