Discover 5+1 Resorts that feature the most dreamy couple photo-shoots

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Couples and Honeymooners and their travel habits have been on the spotlight for quite some time now, as an increasing number of hoteliers seems to be interested in targeting these audiences. Both niche markets are known to be high-spending (honeymooners have the advantage on that), while their high-quality makes them an one-way solution for many occasions.

To manage to target this Niche Market, you have to develop a digital marketing strategy that will keep your target audience engaged, and the best way to do that is, naturally, through content. Content is King, and we truly believe that. People are craving for personalized content, and we can’t do anything else but give it to them.

For couples, everything is about the atmosphere, and the best way to highlight the atmosphere within your hotel is with photography. After all, a picture equals a thousand words. In collaboration with Travel by Interest, we decided to create this very special article on hotel photography, and, more particularly, on romantic hotel photography. Let’s explore 5+1 resorts on Travel by Interest that have created a stunning photo material for couples.


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#1: Reethi Faru Resort – Using your Natural Landscape to your advantage, creating stunning photos that couples love!

Iconic and luxurious, Reethi Faru in the Maldives is actually a “cheating” resort, as the Maldives’ pristine natural environment creates a seamless romantic setting by default. Reethi Faru, however, further upgrades the romantic/honeymoon experience for couples, as it has included several activities and facilities that promote romance within the hotel. Such experiences include romantic dinners on a golden-sand beach, jacuzzi evening sessions with rose petals, and other adventures exclusively for two.

#2: Treehouse Villas – Highlight the Activities with-in your resort, of course by picturing a couple enjoying them!

Our second hotel/destination is also located in Asia. Honeymoon in the elegant TreeHouse Villas at Koh Yao Noi in Thailand seems to be luxurious and unforgettably romantic. There are so many wonderful things to do in this hotel, while the inclusion of photos of couples during their most intimate moments (hugging on a swing, sharing a drink, etc.) certainly leaves you wanting to live them in person.

#3: Mykonos Bliss – Show your facilities through fun and unexpected ways, focusing on the experience!

If there is one word that describes the romantic experience / honeymoon at Mykonos Bliss, we would say fun. Located on Mykonos, an island not so popular for honeymoons and romantic holidays, this hotel has the perfect setting for couples to relax and enjoy their holidays in an intimate, adults-only environment. Luxurious and fully equipped with the most advanced facilities and amenities, it makes you never want to leave its grounds. What we loved in this particular lifestyle photo-shooting is that it showcases some unexpected couple moments, like pillow-fighting.

#4: Santiago De Alfama Boutique Hotel – Give Wellness the required attention, as couples love to spend their relaxing moments together!

At Santiago de Alfama couples relax, relax, and relax. Through its photo-shooting, the hotel highlights the wellness services offered within its grounds as well as its exquisite architecture. Dine-in-Bed, herbal tea before massages, and much more relaxing and refreshing experiences await couples who choose to stay here.

#5: Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa – Make your hotel’s most iconic feature a protagonist through your photography!

The first hotel in Santorini and it’s not on the Caldera?! Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa might not be on the Caldera, but its premium services and luxury facilities make it the best option for couples who aim for uncompromising luxury. All photos reflect the luxurious attitude of the resort while the sunset ones are absolutely gorgeous. This might be one of the very few cases where you don’t need people to create a stunning result.

#Extra: The Sankara Resort – Highlight the Romantic Services that you provide to couples in the most romantic way possible!

Rose petals become part of The Sankara Resort‘s guests’ daily routine. While this hotel has some of the most stunning photographs to present, what we really loved is the inclusion of the most exceptionally romantic floating breakfast that they create for couples.

These are the top 5 hotels in Travel by Interest that have paid the required attention to couples, creating smart and engaging photo material that has couples in the spotlight. Would you like to be featured in our next article? Send us photos of your hotel’s most unique points, and we might choose you next!