Read the reasons why a Jacuzzi in your hotel is a good idea, and find useful tips and exceptional design examples!

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A Jacuzzi, or more precisely, a Hot Tub, is undoubtedly an impressive feature in an interior or exterior environment. And there are a couple of reasons which prove this point — and a few more that make Hot Tubs a great choice for your hotel’s amenities! In a few words, a Jacuzzi enhances the environment, adds a luxury flair and can even become the focal point of a room’s design. Join us as we go through the reasons we love Jacuzzis as well as a few selected examples at the end of the article.

But firstly, let’s see the reasons that make Jacuzzis so loved and learn how they can enhance your guest’s experience.

Wellness is one of the Niche Markets that Travel by Interest specializes on. Since jacuzzis are very important for the satisfaction of a wellness traveler, we have made a collection with amazing hotel jacuzzis from all over the world, while we have also included some personalized tips for hoteliers.

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1. Health Above All!

hotel jacuzzi design, out of-the blue capsis elite resort

Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort, Heraklion, Greece

Jacuzzis are known for their beneficial impact on one’s health. Sitting in a hot tub can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle and joint pain, decrease anxiety and stress. This means that as a hotelier, you are providing your guests with a way to relax, and, most importantly, take care of themselves. A pampering experience that will most definitely be appreciated!

2. Correlation between Hotel Jacuzzi and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep!

hotel jacuzzi design, greco philia luxury suites villas

Greco Philia Luxury Suites & Villas, Mykonos, Greece

The Hot Tub experience leads to better sleep — especially when enjoyed just before bed! Due to the fact that the body gets warm and relaxed, one tends to fall asleep easier and quicker, while decreasing the possible disruptions of sleep through the night. And who doesn’t know that a good REM sleep benefits both the body and mind, especially during tiring traveling periods? One more reason for an enhanced guest experience! And since a hotel’s main task is to provide a great sleeping place for the travelers, a sweet-dreams night sleep will be even more appreciated.

3. A hotel with a Jacuzzi looks – and feels – fancier!

hotel jacuzzi design,

Theva Residency, Kandy, Sri Lanka

A Jacuzzi in your hotel’s brand identity has the ability to subconsciously connect your business with a luxurious and therapeutic retreat. An amenity like this is an added value for a hotel, either incorporated within its spa – which already upgrades the property, or located within its rooms and suites. Moreover, an in-room Hot Tub is like a gift to your guests: a private, relaxing place to enjoy high-quality vacations or to distress after long meetings during a business trip!

Quick Tip: Precautions must be taken, as high water temperatures can pose health risks for certain individuals. Always make sure that your guests are thoroughly informed about the jacuzzi’s recommended duration and temperature of use.

Let’s examine below three examples of excellent hotel jacuzzis, which showcase an interesting design approach.


The Titanic Tub!

Floating Resort by Scubaspa, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives

Floating Resort by Scubaspa, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives

The fact that this is a floating resort, makes it unique on its own. But placing a Jacuzzi on the ship’s stern takes Floating Resort by Scubaspa‘s design and luxury aspect to the next level. Notice also the stairs that lead to the Hot Tub, which manage to make the whole setting even more dramatic and impressive!

The Private Paradise!

hotel jacuzzi design

So Sofitel Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

So Sofitel Bangkok has managed to create a small in-room paradise. This Hot Tub enjoys a separated environment. It reminds of a mini pool area, featuring exceptional & luxurious design. In addition to that, this Jacuzzi’s design takes advantage of the city views, creating a place that a traveler will love to daydream in!

The Santorinian Sunset!

hotel jacuzzi design,

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, Santorini, Greece

A nice sunset view is always precious for a traveler. And since Santorini’s sunset is our company CEO’s favorite, we couldn’t but feature it in this article! This Hot Tub in Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, is strategically placed to offer the best Sunset View to the guests, which enhances their holiday experience even more! We also like the minimal concrete design approach with the fine lines, which create an industrial feeling within the overall traditional Cycladic style.

We have collected for you a few more excellent examples of Hotel Jacuzzis, in the below gallery. Enjoy!