A hotel’s Interior Design is a vital part of its guests' experience. Hotel Square Louvois in Paris, showcases how a well-specified product, can lead to a truly upgraded result

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Hotel Interior Design is one of the hottest topics during the development of a new property. It is a field which greatly shapes the overall experience within the hotel — and therefore the guests’ satisfaction. In most cases, the owners are personally involved in the whole designing procedure, as this is an area that reflects their personal taste, and therefore have a major effect on whether the final hotel product specification will be successful or not.

In order to present the importance of a correct hotel interior design specification  in the most comprehensive way, we have selected Hotel Square Louvois in the centre of Paris, which is an excellent example of a well-studied hotel design. In this article, we will examine how the carefully developed specification can lead to a well-structured Design Concept, and discover how this hotel has managed to create a unique Place Identity.

We will also focus on the fact that, in addition to its outstanding Interior Design, Hotel Square Louvois has strategically specified and developed the whole guest experience, becoming a true Case Study for the global hotel market.

A hotel’s Interior Design must be based on a clearly specified Hotel Concept

A common mistake while designing a hotel, is that the focus is mainly given on the aesthetic level, without connecting to a specific experience concept that the hotel wishes to offer to its guests. This, leads to a weaker hotel character, and, in many cases, to a design inconsistency throughout the property’s various departments. Having a clearly specified hotel concept that focuses on a specific experience, the Interior Designer can create the most suitable spaces and determine the visitor and staff flow, in the best possible way.

What did Hotel Square Louvois do

Developing a “Feel like Home” experience, Hotel Square Louvois created a unique experience concept, that aims to create the feeling of hospitality in a contemporary house. Having the breakfast buffet (which is actually a ‘common use’ kitchen) as its design concept’s main reference point, the whole property has been developed to resemble the images of a beautiful and functional city house, dominated by the elegant French aesthetics.

All the hotel spaces must have common design elements that create a recognizable Place Identity

One of the things that a successful hotel design must achieve, is to create a unique identity, which is easy to recognize even if the hotel’s branding is not visible. A space with a strong Place Identity instantly transforms all of tis visitors into its dedicated marketeers, since every picture that is published online promotes the hotel. The question that rises is whether it is easy to create unique spaces with differentiated characteristics, while maintaining a common Place Identity.

What did Hotel Square Louvois do

Having a strong concept in hand, the hotel’s interior designer specified the main Design Elements that would star in the final result, making sure to connect the various spaces with the hotel brand. More specifically, the typical blue color of Hotel Square Louvois determines the property’s unique identity and becomes a recognizable visual message for the audience. Also, the characteristic way in which the open libraries are implemented in all common areas, makes it easy to recognize a specific facility as part of this hotel, even if you are seeing it for the first time.

The original design in all aspects, from furniture to fabrics, guarantees maximum functionality and a unique character

Using products and materials from the general market is a common practice while developing a new property, since it can reduce the budget. However, the Interior Designers come across a very difficult situation when asked to use these products in the design of a unique hotel which is based on an original specification. Therefore, the topic of designing original and unique products, from furniture to fabric patterns, becomes very important, since it significantly helps in shaping a truly unique experience. As a matter of fact, field specialists claim that such an investment has only a slightly increased price, compared to that advantages that it offers.

What did Hotel Square Louvois do

In Hotel Square Louvois, the visitor lives a unique Design experience, since the biggest part of the furniture is custom designed, creating an emblematic setting that hosts the guests’ experience. This way, the hotel guarantees an aesthetic consistency throughout the property, while making an important revenue by selling the custom-made products to its guests, through a special in-room catalogue.

The room’s setting must be adjusted to all the times of the day, from morning to evening

While designing a room, we should keep in mind that travellers have different needs throughout the day. Even though the main space remains the same, the visitors tend to have different needs and habits in their rooms during daytime. Therefore, the room design must ensure the optimum experience at all times, either through technical means or during the turn down service.

What did Hotel Square Louvois do

Following its overall design specification, Hotel Square Louvois offers a differentiated feeling to its guests during the different stages of their stay. So, during the day, the natural light fills up the rooms and complements the characteristic blue color. In the evening, the specially designed atmospheric lights highlight the room’s main decorative elements (mostly the ones over the bed), creating a unique and relaxing ambiance for the guests. This way, the visitors are able to adjust their mood and explore their room’s different perspectives, according to the time.

Experience must be the main focus of the hotel design, making sure to create original facilities and offer unique hotel services

Apart from the functional elements, the hotel’s design must be connected with the guests’ overall experience within the property — as well as the destination. The hotel facilities play a major role in this, since most of the times they lack creativity, as they have been developed based on their ‘practical’ usage and not focusing on the guests’ maximum satisfaction. What is also very common, is to have a hotel design that does not allow the guests to connect with the destination, thus depriving from achieving positive reviews and ensuring repeating guests.

What did Hotel Square Louvois do

It is more than obvious that Hotel Square Louvois, has been developed focusing on Design but also on surprising the guests with unexpected services and facilities. Apart from its beautiful common spaces which strictly follow the hotel’s “Feel Like Home” character, the additional free services (such as the free coffee every time someone sits in the area in front of the reception or the “Complimentary Afternoon Tea”), underline the hospitality that would be offered by a typical modern house in Paris. Also, having in mind its prestigious location, Hotel Square Louvois upgrades the experience within the destination though a special booklet with the hotel’s suggestions for food and shopping in the broader area, as well as each spot’s estimated walking distance from the property.

A Design conclusion

Hotel Square Louvois’ smart interior design is a true Case Study for the contemporary hotelier market, becoming an inspiration for all hoteliers. What must be also noted, is that the staff in this hotel really stands out. Through the employees’ warm and professional service, the hotel underlines the luxury aspect of its true home-like feeling, offering a truly unique hospitality experience!


Hotel Square Louvois in Paris, chose Leslie Gauthier’s Interior Design office to create the unique Design Concept of the property and develop the perfect setting for the hotel guests’ experiences. Leslie Gauthier has a great experience in hotel design which is reflected in every single detail within Hotel Square Louvois — from the fine decorative elements to the original, custom-made furniture. You can find more information about Leslie Gauthier Interior Design office at http://www.lesliegauthier.com/


For more information about the hotel, please visit http://www.hotel-louvois-paris.com.