A collection of private hotel pools that elevate their rooms’ level and offer hotel guests a luxurious experience!

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Who doesn’t love a fancy pool? Even the most experienced hospitality professionals, cannot miss to admire a fine pool facility! But what if this facility is private, offering you the chance to enjoy swimming and lounging around all by yourself? Having this in mind, we collected 5 amazing private hotel pools that we loved, which prove that if a property has the right location and infrastructure, it should definitely invest in creating at least one room type with a private pool! 

So, happy together!


Aqua Luxury Suites, Santorini, Greece

This Private pool has an absolute benefit; the ocean view! There is no better experience for a traveller, than to gaze at the endless blue of the sea. Psychologists state that blue is the colour that leads to calmness and serenity — the same feelings that nature creates as well. The combo of these two, create the ideal environment for relaxing and enjoying real vacation. 

Hotelier Tip: The image of the couple enjoying the pool, increases the potential guests’ anticipation and daydreaming, tempting them to decide to visit the hotel.

From Bed to Pool


Fusion Resort Nha Trang Vietnam, Nha Trang

The whole architectural synthesis of this room is impressive, but the fact that the pool is situated exactly across the bed, is a key element. The traveller feels that this design connects two joyful hotel amenities: sleeping & swimming! The idea of being able to jump inside the swimming pool as soon as the guests open their eyes, definitely emits luxury feelings.

Hotelier Tip: If your property is located in a natural environment, use warm tones and wood to create harmony. Moreover, you can use a lot of transparent surfaces, so your hotel guests can be in contact with the nature.

Exotic Vibes


L’ Alyana Ninh Van Bay Vietnam, Nha Trang,

A hotel with a traditional Vietnamese style, hosts one more impressive pool. We like that the pool is the focal point of the house, since it is the heart of the design, setting the development of the whole surrounding environment.

Hotelier Tip: God is in the details, so pay attention to it! The décor gem with the stones placed all around the pool, complete the exotic vibe. 

Lounging Stone


The Westin Resort Costa Navarino Greece, Messenia

You can almost feel the sunshine through this photo, but the best thing about it is the tempting blue of the pool! This picture makes potential guests wish to swim in the pool and then relax at its edge, while enjoying the serenity of the surrounding nature. We like the stone surfaces, that perfectly tie in with the rustic décor and the environment that hosts the property.

Hotelier Tip: If there is enough available space, try to include a sitting area next to the pool. You will create a special environment, where your guests can sit comfortably for a coffee or lunch, after or in between their swimming.

In-room oasis


Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa

A different pool example, which changes the perception of in-room décor. This pool is strategically placed in front of the bed, so one can have a special ‘wake up’ session. We like the minimal approach with the concrete flooring and the plain white walls, in addition to the fine lines of the pool’s design.

Hotelier Tip: When creating such a special environment, be aware of keeping balanced levels of humidity, with the right ventilation methods.