Discover 5 hotels with amazing Instagram profiles that inspire you to develop your own account in a way that will not only enhance your hotel brand identity, but will also increase its revenue

Nowadays, the influence of Instagram in our lives is undeniable. This powerful Social Medium has become a marketing strategy tool for many industries. Particularly in the tourism industry, Instagram has definitely made its presence necessary.

In addition to information, travellers also need inspiration for their journeys and Instagram is the ultimate channel to provide them with what they need. It offers travellers visualized information that gives a clear view of the destination, the hotel, and the whole experience that are about to live in their journey. And, of course, it can be the trigger that will help them make their final choice.

Therefore, hoteliers should be very careful in the way they choose to present their hotel on the Instagram world. Undoubtedly, having an impressive photo gallery of your hotel is important. However, it is not enough! You must realize and understand how you can make your visual material your Hotel’s strongest marketing advantage. Trends are changing day by day and travellers are looking for more than a stunning photo that presents a bed to sleep on or a pool to swim in. By publishing more authentic and spontaneous images, you begin to introduce travellers to the experience that awaits them.

In this article, you will find some fascinating examples of hotels that stand out on the Instagram world not only for their property features but also for their unique profiles and the way they use them to reach the global travellers.

Branco Mykonos – Add a recognizable filter to your photos

This is a hotel in Mykonos that has managed to attract the attention of thousands of travellers by using a unique, distinctive filter on all the photos it publishes on its Instagram profile. Branco Mykonos has created a special identity, linking its particular colour palette with the hotel itself, thus enhancing the property’s brand identity.


Choose carefully a specific filter or concept and use it on all photos you publish on your Instagram profile. This will ‘engrave’ your hotel’s brand identity to the Instagram users’ minds and make it recognizable at first glance.


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Urban Cowboy – Destroying perfection

A one-of-a-kind hotel with an extremely intense and creative personality. It is easy to distinguish the absolute symmetry and the excessive attention that has been paid to every single detail and every connection of the shapes in the hotel’s design concept. Urban Cowboy uses a smart and unique way to present its concept through its Instagram profile, showcasing the hotel’s character with pictures that “break” the meaning of “flawless”, however they emit a sense of spontaneity at the same time. It manages to attract travellers’ attention since the images lead to a totally intense and authentic experience.


The best way to communicate your hotel’s experience is to showcase the human presence through spontaneous and original moments and photos. If you succeed in making travellers virtually live the experience that awaits them at your hotel, you have immediately gained their interest and attention.


The Ned – Gastronomy in the heart of the Instagram experience

A luxury hotel in London with exceptionally beautiful spaces — indoor and outdoor — chooses to focus on highlighting its gastronomy on Instagram. It is known that gastronomy is one of the most important factors that define a traveller’s hotel choice and experience. The Ned constantly highlights its high-level gastronomy by paying attention to both the food appearance and the context where which it is placed. It presents pictures of dishes, drinks, and cocktails at all the hotel’s spaces where a traveller can enjoy them and manages to enhance the hotel’s overall image at the same time.


You can highlight your hotel’s gastronomy through a more comprehensive view of the travellers’ experience. This can be easily achieved by simultaneously highlighting the menu and the areas where travellers can enjoy their meals or drinks.


Alila Villas Uluwatu – Make it alive

Alila Villas Uluwatu uses the human presence to bring movement and animation to its photos. Travellers can identify themselves with the depicted person and “live” the experience in their imagination. An important “touch” on its Instagram profile is the posted videos, which, in combination with their sounds, give ‘life’ to the services that the hotel offers, stimulating more senses than a simple, steady shot.


In order to incorporate the human element in your photos in the most authentic way, you can republish photos of travellers who have stayed in your hotel (always asking their permission and using a reference to their personal profile), or by cooperating with influencers who will provide you with professional photos


LUX* Grand Gaube – Introducing your staff

The LUX * Grand Gaube has cleverly realized that capturing its staff at moments that refer to the travellers’ experience, is a technique of great importance, as it brings them in contact not only with what they should expect to live at the hotel but also with all the procedures that are being followed in order to reach the final result. Photos in Lux * Grand Gaube’s Instagram profile are mainly images that depict moments rather than landscapes and features.



Create a “competition” for your hotel staff and ask them to capture their own photos concerning the department they work for, and then publish the best ones in your hotel’s Instagram profile. This way, the travellers will feel familiar with the property and its people and appreciate the kind of relationship you have with your staff.