Tainaron Blue Retreat; A tiny hotel teaches luxury guest experience in the shell of a tower

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When building a hotel, there are two possible scenarios. The first one is that you plan to start a new business that will offer hospitality and services, and the second one, is about transforming your dream and your feelings into a place that will host some of the most memorable experiences of your guests. The second scenario seems to have been followed by a talented couple of architects, Kostas & Kassiani, who loved so much an abandoned old watchtower on the top of a hill in Mani, that turned it into one of the most exciting tiny hotels in the world.Tainaron Blue Retreat

While forming the guests’ experience in a newly built hotel, it is vital to pay attention to the locality and ambience of the natural landscape. Only then the result will be harmonized with the location and will give the travellers the reasons they seek to choose it, offering them a lifetime holiday experience. Paying the highest attention to this fact, Kostas and Kassiani, created Tainaron Blue Retreat, by renewing the old tower with pure local materials, using traditional techniques, and letting the architecture itself to connect the past history of the place with the exemplary luxury the property offers nowadays, in the most natural way.

In order to keep the right balance, while respecting the historic character of the building, the interior design consists of really high quality and minimal designed furniture and objects, that highlight the luxury experience of the hotel. The top quality mattresses, the eccentric but low profile objects, and a decoration which focuses on the ideal hotel ambience, and not to unnecessary exaggerations, are the main characteristics that define the guest experience and lead to a legendary hotel fame.

Last but not least, knowing the deserted character of the hotel, the owners cared to offer the optimum local culinary experience, at a level that is difficult for the hotel’s guests to wish to leave the place in any case. Local products, traditional recipes of Mani, and a talented chef are enough to complete the hospitality dream that Tainaron Blue offers, making it one of the “Must-Visit Hotels” all travellers should visit at least once in their lifetime.