The motivation of human resources has always been a problem for strong solvers, especially in the era of insecurity that COVID-19 crisis has brought with it. More specifically, managers in the tourism sector are expected to carry out a very specific mission, that of strengthening their staff. But how could we boost the morale of our hotel staff at a time when every condition is conditional?

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The dominant question at this time is how and whether a hotel business can motivate its staff efficiently or is a losing game? Of course, it can! As long as people are involved, there will always be methods to motivate them, no matter how difficult the conditions may be.

#1 Create a working environment with transparency

Talk openly with your staff. Inform them about the current situation and the difficulties that exist. If you avoid having this discussion, your employees will look for answers elsewhere, and they might be misinformed. This will intensify their insecurity and it may lower their morale. And that is something unacceptable! Your primary concern is to make your employees feel as safe as possible during this era of insecurity, acknowledging the real situation, preventing them from dramatizing, or beautifying the existent situation. That will help them make their own decisions and set the necessary safety valves, both in terms of their professional obligations, and their personal life.

#2 Acknowledge your employees’ perspectives and highlight the importance of their contribution

Once you have considered potential prospects, share them with your employees, and emphasize the importance of their own contribution and personal responsibility in your hotel. That will promote the businesses’ viability and profitability. It is important for them to understand that their participation, as employees, is crucial and necessary in achieving better results. Every employee, especially in hotels, directly contributes to the accomplishment of goals. There are no more or less important team members.

#3 Show trust to your employees

Do not let your own insecurity lead you to micromanagement. Share with your employees the desired results expected from what they undertake, in a clear way. Do not forget to express to them your trust in their abilities and their will to find the best way to achieve great results. Of course, you must be close to them when they need guidance and provide them with regular feedback. That will help them get an idea of ​​what they are doing well and what may need improvement. However, try not to “fall into the trap” of turning your subordinates into executive bodies. In a magical way, trust helps employees to bring out the best of themselves.

#4 Develop empathy in your employees

Especially in difficult times like this, empathy plays a crucial role in motivating employees. Put yourself in their shoes. Express your understanding and compassion and take the time to talk to them in person. Do not avoid listening to their problems and concerns. Avoidance, even if the reason is a lack of managerial skills, is perceived by your employees as indifference. On the contrary, genuine and heartfelt interest makes your people feel important to you and as a result, your demands will become important to them as well.

#5 Use the power of “thank you”

Nothing works more positively in job satisfaction and motivation than recognizing the value of employee productivity. Many managers find it unnecessary to stop for a few minutes and reward their team members with a “thank you” and a “well done”. Instead, they tend to focus on possible mistakes or weaknesses. I assure you that this attitude can be a reason for the loss of employees of a company or a hotel, regardless of position or financial status. The rewarding process is part of the business culture.

So say “thank you” whenever and whereever needed to your employees! It does not cost you anything, on the contrary you have a lot to gain.

Job motivation is not required, it is earned! The competitive advantage of a company is the total cooperation of its employees. Participating in the company’s results with 100% of their qualifications and existence, is an added value in the whole process, which the company should not ignore. Especially in difficult times like this, work motivation is not optional, but necessary.

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