An in-room Hotel Bathtub is an excellent option for an upgraded and luxury room environment. Read why this hotel design technique is an awesome idea for your property and find examples of this interior design gem!

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Why an in-room Hotel Bathtub is a Good Idea

The option for an in-room hotel bathtub has always been a challenging one. Most hoteliers are afraid to take the risk of implementing this controversial trend in their hotel design. However, the ones who do dare it, usually end up with an upgraded and luxury look to their rooms’ interior spaces.

The in-room bathtub is something that travellers do not meet very often. So, it can become a rather fascinating and surprising experience, when they eventually stay in a room with a tub placed close to the bed and outside the bathroom. The travellers will most definitely talk about this fancy statement, which makes their room unique. They will also take several pictures to share with their friends and their social networks.

A room or suite’s bedroom area is the place to relax and have a private moment. Within this context, an in-room bathtub instantly adopts the same philosophy. A special environment like this will urge your hotel guests to enjoy a long, soothing bath in a relaxing mood and soft music, rather than just take a quick shower. This whole concept is an in-room experience guests will not forget easily. It may even become a reason for them to revisit your property!

Let’s explore a few hotel examples, which managed to incorporate in-room bathtubs in an excellent way, allowing their guests to create unforgettable travel memories

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Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel

Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel presents an excellent example of an in-room bathtub. The plain white tub is placed in a room where white is the dominating colour, creating an overall soothing environment. Also, the bathtub is cleverly placed by the window, offering a great view. This makes the guests feel privileged to take their bath while gazing at the sea. Also, it manages to upgrade their opinion about the property.


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In-room Hotel Bathtub TS Suites Bali and Villas

TS Suites Bali and Villas, Bali, Indonesia

In this example, we have a more diplomatic approach. The luxury feel of an in-room bathtub is present, yet the setting allows the guest to choose to close the doors for a really private moment. Nevertheless, the bathtub design follows a simple approach, perfectly in line with the rest of the room at TS Suites Bali and Villas.

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In-room Hotel Bathtub West East Suites, Santorini, Greece

West East Suites, Santorini, Greece

West East Suites not only placed a tub next to the bed but even created a special environment for it. An elevated surface hosts a rectangular bathtub, in a design that reminds of a mini-pool. A room like this, that has taken care of creating a fine environment for the traveller to create precious memories, definitely steps up a level in hotel design.

We like the pool factor!

In-room Hotel Bathtub domes-noruz-chania-autograph-collection

Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection, Chania, Greece

A similar philosophy appears at Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection. But this room comes with a bonus. A mini-pool is placed right next to the bathtub, offering various in-room experiences for the guests. Moreover, a mini deck with large pillows enhances the guests’ stay, who will surely share this experience online, contributing to the hotel’s social media presence.

Note that even though the in-room bathtub features an impressive hotel design statement, you will need to pay serious attention to the ventilation. You must allow the room to breathe and circulate fresh air, ensuring that the levels of humidity remain low and mold is not developed.