See how a hotel’s size, such as Dolce Sitges in Barcelona, affects the travellers’ experience!

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Over the past few years, especially in the luxury hotel market, small, boutique hotels have become more and more popular, gaining loyal fans. On the other hand, we all know that holidays are all about comfort and, in many cases, anonymity. A small-sized hotel is not easy to offer these features, since, due to its size, brings the travellers in closer contact with the staff and the other hotel guests.

In order to showcase that in certain cases, the hotel size does matter, we chose to present Dolce Sitges hotel in Spain. Through this article, we will present the ways in which the large scale of this property manages to create a unique holiday experience, leading not only to positive reviews but to repeating customers as well!

Why Dolce Sitges?

Dolce Sitges lies in one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, really close to the city of Barcelona. In this region, the competition is really intense, since the hotelier market is particularly developed. Being a large-scale hotel and maintaining a neutral and ‘peaceful’ design, Dolce Sitges has managed to attract the travellers’ interest and achieve high levels of satisfaction. It might have been a lot easier to present a hotel from one of the popular luxury brands or focus on a property with a more specific concept. However, what we want to emphasize here, is the fact that in this case, size, as one of the hotel’s main characteristics, is a recipe for success!

In a summer destination, pools play a significant role in the whole experience

Many times, we might wonder ‘Why do travellers choose to sit around the pool, while we have such beautiful beaches around?’ The answer to this question is rather simple: ease and comfort. Even though there is not a greater thing than getting in touch with nature, travellers often choose to relax by the hotel’s pool, which guarantees comfort, easy accessibility and high-quality service. What can create a feeling of discomfort, however, is the lack of available spaces. This can prevent the travellers from enjoying the pool, either because they can’t find an available sunbed, or because they are sitting too close to the other guests.

The case of Dolce Sitges

This is completely covered by Dolce Sitges, which offers to its guests a selection of different swimming pools, ensuring maximum comfort and high-quality service, at all times. Even though the hotel lies right next to the sea, many travellers choose to relax by its huge outdoor pool where they can also do some sports. On the other hand, families love the special pool for children, which allows them to feel comfortable under the warm sun, while their children enjoy the water in safety.

The rooms’ comfort and size are among the top factors that shape a guest’s experience

The room is the travellers’ private space, where they are expected to pass a significant part of their holidays. The overall accommodation experience, however, is largely based on the room size, as well as whether it provides the expected feeling of comfort and relaxation. It has been noticed that a spacious room can even forgive certain design ‘mistakes’ since the guest’s comfort is more important than aesthetics. In any case, a balanced combination of functionality and aesthetics is the one that delivers the best results.

The case of Dolce Sitges
In this particular hotel, the rooms are significantly large and spacious in combination with their neutral design character, the rooms manage to become a hit among travellers, something that is also reflected on their positive reviews and feedback.

Bathrooms do not just affect the guests’ satisfaction but can become a reason for booking a room

Through recent studies and experiments conducted by digital marketing experts and companies, it has been proved that the sections describing the bathrooms are among the most popular pages in a hotel’s website. When the bathroom is spacious and has a pleasant design, it can immediately upgrade the room’s level and prepare the guest for a relaxing and comfortable stay. Big bathrooms are usually found in larger scale properties, which use them as one of their major comparative advantages.

The case of Dolce Sitges
In most rooms, the bathroom size is a key factor, while their high aesthetics increase the whole accommodation standards. However, what really manages to stand out in the overall experience, is the high level of the hotel’s housekeeping department, which takes care of the crucial part of cleanliness and hygienic, in the best possible way.

Within a Resort, Gastronomy needs to have spaces and provide options

Food is definitely one of the most important factors in a guest’s experience. Especially in a five-star hotel, where guests have really high expectations, both in quantity as well as quality. The travellers demand more dining options, which will not allow them to get bored while maintaining the highest level of taste and culinary experiences. The restaurants’ size and good design are also very important, especially in larger hotels, where privacy and comfort must be ensured at all stages.

The case of Dolce Sitges
It is remarkable how such a large hotel with so many dining options, has managed to transform its gastronomy into a reference point for many of its reviews. In many cases, the reviews focus not only on the excellent tastes but on the guests’ overall dining experience as well!

A hotel’s large scale proves its dynamics when applied to all outlets and facilities

Larger hotels give a subconscious promise to their visitors: that they will preserve the feeling of comfort and grandeur during the entire length of their stay. A tiny Spa in such a large property would, naturally, be out of place, definitely not keeping up with the hotel guests’ expectations. After all, it is known that travellers are usually enchanted by impressive facilities, and tend to refer to them specifically, thus supporting the hotel’s brand awareness.

The case of Dolce Sitges

The hotel’s facilities, from Spa to conference rooms, follow the property’s large-scale, guaranteeing a consistent experience for the guests. The most important thing, however, is the fact that the hotel has managed to ensure the highest level of quality and service in all of its departments and outlets, which is always one of the biggest challenges in a hotel’s operation.

An impressive view adds more to a unique experience

When the hotel’s location is beneficial, offering amazing views to the beautiful surroundings, then the property faces the challenge of ideally showcasing this important advantage. Therefore, when a harmonic combination of spaces, service, and view is achieved, then the results are truly unique, creating completely satisfied guests.

The case of Dolce Sitges
The hotel takes advantage of its amazing location and view, ensuring that its guests will be able to admire the stunning surroundings from literally every corner of the resort. And it’s not just the view. The very location of the hotel, amidst lush vegetation and green gardens, allows the guests to feel completely relaxed and comfortable while enjoying the highest level of service and facilities.


Dolce Sitges is a tangible example of a hotel that proves that even the most classic 5-star properties can have an active role within the luxury hotel market, placing their large scale and high-end service into the traveller’s centre of attention.