Clever ways in which the festive season of Christmas and New Year’s day, can help you boost your reservations and increase your restaurant & spa sales — whether your property is located in a winter or a summer destination!

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Christmas is one of the most beloved seasons for Hoteliers since they always have a reason to celebrate: either because their hotels are in full operation, dressed-up in their best holiday costume, or because their seasonal properties are closed, giving them the chance to enjoy their Christmas holidays somewhere in the planet.

In any case, Christmas is an ideal period for a Hotel to increase its sales, since people are usually in an enhanced buying mood — and future trips are always on the top-of-the-list.

In this article, you are able to find tips & advice on how you can increase your sales during the holiday season, either you are located in a winter destination, a city centre or even in a summer location where hotels operate only during the summer months!

Set up a special “Christmas Experience Strategy” and increase your revenue from restaurant & spa sales, as well as from selling Christmas items, wines and souvenirs.

Hotels that are fully functional during the holiday period (December 10 – January 5), have the unique opportunity to increase their revenue, not only from staying guests but also from outside customers. First of all, the special Christmas & New Year’s Eve dinner parties, which must not only provide a festive menu but focus on offering a completely memorable experience as well, can become an important source of revenue from guests staying at the hotel or not. As a matter of fact, a truly special festive dinner party can even become the holiday season’s highlight! Also, a well-designed Christmas decoration throughout the hotel can increase your guests’ desire for buying more memorabilia. A clever idea would be to organize a special Festive Bazaar (ideally with a charity character), during which the hotel would sell Christmas ornaments and decorations, as well as local wines, products and delicacies that are usually sold at the hotel, dressed up as Christmas gifts. At the same time, the Bazaar’s charity character would emphasize the Hotel’s high level of social responsibility, increasing its reputation to old and new customers.

Smart Tip: In addition to the usual Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner parties, your Chef can prepare a special Must-Try Festive Menu, which will be offered at your restaurants throughout the holiday season, thus increasing your F&B sales.

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Create special “Christmas Gift Packs”, which travellers can give to their beloved ones as Christmas presents.

Creating special Festive Offers during this time of the year can bring new sales for the entire year ahead. Especially when these offers are promoted as Christmas Gifts that can be redeemed anytime during the year. After all, a trip is one of the most precious presents a person can give or receive. In order for such an offer to be successful, you need to have a well-organized database of past guests, since they will be the best audience to target. Your past guests can become repeating visitors, while they are more likely to decide to give to a close person one of your Christmas Gift Packs since it will be all about a beautiful memory they had in the past, which they now want to share.

Smart tip: Setting the right price for such an offer could be very tricky, especially for seasonal hotels that have a big price difference between low and high seasons. It is important to make it as simple as possible, having maximum two levels of prices and developing it as an “early booking offer”.

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Run your very own “Festive Mega-Sales” week during the holidays and increase your most “slow” selling periods.

As the period between December 20-30 is always a time when people tend to spend more, it is an ideal opportunity to bring out a strong Festive Offer, that will support the sales of your ‘quiet’ periods. More specifically, you can promote important discounts for the days your reservations are mostly slow, allowing the travellers to make a special present to their selves or their friends. This way, you will enhance your hotel’s positioning during the low season and you will acquire a new, dynamic communication tool.

Smart tip: These offers should not be described as non-refundable, since this would discourage the travellers from proceeding to a booking. Set a more flexible cancellation policy and allow the travellers to search for their air tickets at their own time, always making sure that you will be promptly informed about any potential cancellations.

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Achieve Christmas Upselling through food & wine tasting menu or spa offers, targeting customers who have already booked their stay during the holiday period.

In addition to new sales, a very important source of revenue for all hotels is the increase of the various service sales. Christmas is an ideal period for selling your restaurants & spa since the travellers are usually in a more relaxed and festive mood. More importantly, the travellers who have already proceeded to a booking at your hotel for the holiday season, are a very important target group. Make use of the Christmas spirit and promote to your coming guests all the things they can do and enjoy at your hotel, increasing their anticipation through attractive offers and special holiday experience packages.

Smart tip: Since we are referring to travellers who have already made their reservations, you must make sure to contact them through personalized emails. This way, they will pay more attention to your message and your emails will stand out among the — usually — hundreds of festive newsletters everyone receives during this time of year.

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A Christmas Closure

Christmas is — and will always be — a time of joy and relaxation for everyone. Hoteliers, in particular, should be very creative and excited during this period. After all, the hotel sales are always a result of offering unique experiences to travellers, something that one would more easily buy during the festive mood of Christmas. Let’s all rejoice these fascinating days of the holiday season and let’s give a new perspective to what Christmas means for Hotels!