A headboard manages to make a design statement in a hotel suite's sleeping space, setting an excellent example of an inspired decorative approach!

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The hotel’s sleeping spaces are probably its most important feature since this is where the travellers unwind and relax. Their personal space, their ‘home away from home’. Hence, it is essential for hoteliers — with the help of their architects and designers, to create a fine environment for their guests’ temporary homes. In this dedicated article, we will focus on a very particular detail in a hotel’s sleeping space: the background of the bed and, more specifically, the headboard design. We will study how a hotel in Ios island, Greece, Liostasi Hotel & Suites, in collaboration with the designer Antonis Kalogridis, has managed not only to utilise the space above the bed but also make it the focal point of the guest’s memories.

But why highlight the case of Liostasi Hotel & Suites?

Often, hoteliers and their designers, are trapped in the thoughts of how to make the bed design unique, since the sleeping space gives character to a room. But why is it so essential? Because the bed is the ”frame” for your guests’ memories and it definitely sets the room’s personality. And of course, all hotels wish to create a unique environment, that will differentiate them from others. In this case, Liostasi Hotel & Suites and Mr. Antonis Kalogridis, have managed to find the perfect balance between design, art & aesthetics!

What’s so unique about this headboard design?

There are many basic headboard design choices. Attached to the wall or to the bed, we usually come across cushion arrangments, wooden constructions, or other elements that create the illusion of a headboard without it actually being there. At Liostasi, they did something different. They used art pieces and large paintings, creating really impressive headboards for their beds. Giving a mainly minimal approach to the rest of the room, the hotel’s team has managed to highlight the uniqueness of this element.

Size Matters

First of all, the most impressive factor that makes this headboard stand out, is its size. It does not restrain itself in a basic size, ending just a few inches above the head. On the contrary, it extends high above the bed, creating a simple frame surface with fine straight lines. This gives a hint of minimalism and geometry, which is undoubtedly really pleasing to the eye. The fact that this frame is a vertical rectangle rather than the usual horizontal one, is different on its own. A fact which also gives height to the room. Yet, it does not lose its sense of symmetry which is really important since the human eye tends to find symmetrical things more beautiful and even more luxurious.

interior design liostasi ios

Artsy Statement

The unique art creation in the center of the frame, framed by the black borders of the headboard, highlight the beauty of this bed’s centerpiece. A sketch of a man’s face instantly draws attention, while the strokes outlining his face, emit curious emotions. This vibrant figure is accompanied by some notes, that give us clues about this piece of art, creating the urge to find out more about it. We instantly have a headboard with a story, with a personality. Finding out all about it, or just gazing at the details of the face, is definitely an interesting in-room experience for the guest. In any case, this characteristic figure coincides with the guest’s holiday experience, creating original images and memories.

All the right colors!

As far as the color choices are concerned, black is the dominant one and the art piece’s soft brownish tones tell the painting’s story. The black borderline of the headboard sets the boundary between art and design, creating absolute harmony. It perfectly highlights the color grading on the sketch itself. The soft brown tones with gray hints, give life to the man’s figure and create a warm, nostalgic feeling. Moreover, brown colors are associated with wood and nature, so the design matches the whole philosophy and design of Liostasi Hotel & Suites perfectly.

Πως αυτό το κεφαλάρι, κάνει μια design δήλωση στο ξενοδοχείο!

And all the rest in complete harmony

Since the headboard is the sleeping space’s focal point and the main statement, every other detail had to play along and contribute to this unique design. Hence, we see a minimal approach, and although the rest of the pieces have their own personality, they allow the headboard-artwork to be the star of the day. The main surfaces, floor, walls and ceiling are dressed in plain white. This creates the perfect environment for the headboard design and other little gems of the room to stand out. The lamps and bedside tables enhance the symmetrical factor of the headboard. Also, the stump bedside tables, contribute to the room’s ‘nature-like’ character. Other rustic details like the beautiful baskets, complete the space.

This particular headboard design can be found in one of the ‘Elegant Suites with Sharing Pool’ of Liostasi Hotel & Suites. All the headboards were constructed by the company Furniture Gallery. Nevertheless, you can find more exceptional headboard pieces, like the ones shown in the below slideshow: