Discover the newest technologies related to the hotel industry, and let the experts guide you on how to implement them at your hotel at HICON 2019!

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Hospitality evolves rapidly before our eyes and the past 20 years have been revolutionary for the hospitality industry, which has witnessed some of the fastest changes in history. The integration of technology and, more particularly, the Internet, Social Media, and Digital Communication with hospitality have had a huge impact on the industry, creating a more direct, immediate, and complex relationship between accommodation/hosting and guests.

This integration, alongside the fact we are currently in the era of Generation Z and Millennials, two generations highly dependent on technology, resulted in the growth of guests’ consciousness and competence. Technology now affects every step in the customer journey, from the booking phase to the customer’s retention and loyalty after the stay. From this landscape, HICON, the first event entirely dedicated to the most advanced technologies in the hotel sector, was born.HICON 2019 | Hotelier Academy

WHY? The Goal of HICON & Why Every Modern Hotelier MUST Attend

The goal of HICON — Hospitality Innovation Conference, is simple & straight-forward. It aims to become an event where modern hoteliers, villa owners, and rentalpreneurs will turn to, in order to learn the latest innovations and technologies used in the hotelier industry, as well as interact with them. Of course, this is just the big idea behind the event; there are much more things to gain by participating at HICON 2019.

Over 500 hospitality professionals are expected to attend HICON this year, and they could all become valuable assets for your hotel’s growth and success. Business opportunities and partnerships with companies operating in the hotel technology sector will constantly arise during the event — you just have to grab them quickly.

At the same time, only by participating at HICON will offer your company visibility due to the widespread promotion of the event, and the targeted marketing actions like newsletters, social media, specific campaigns, articles in magazines and industry blogs. Lastly, the matching area will allow you to meet industry professionals and promote your brand in a highly-profiled context.


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WHO? The Speakers of HICON 2019HICON 2019 | Hotelier Academy

The speakers of HICON are all exceptional, and, since the list is still under development, we expect more great names to show up. Among the big names that will speak at HICON are the CEO of the Winding Tree, Maksim Izmaylov, CEO & Founder of Travel Appeal, Mirko Lalli, CEO of Teamwork, Mauro Santinato, and the CEO of Best Western Italia, Giovanna Manzi.

For the last updates, please visit the official list of HICON 2019 Speakers.

Since the event is international, the speeches will be held in both English and Italian. Headsets and translators will be available for the audience if needed.


WHAT? Two Workshops covering the hottest topics on Tech & HospitalityHICON 2019 | Hotelier Academy

Innovation in Hospitality and Blockchain & Travel are the topics of the two most anticipated workshops of HICON 2019. Blockchain & Travel, led by Luca de Giglio, CEO and Founder of, will be entirely dedicated to blockchain. Leaders of the industry including Winding Tree, Kleros, Origin, Trips, Wirex, and Tboxchain will share their knowledge and expertise, informing about ways that you can implement this technology in your own business.

Even though the schedule of the Innovation in Hospitality workshop is currently being defined, we were able to get some heads up from HICON. The workshop will highlight the advancements and insights to selecting the best property management systems (PMS), hotelier-friendly AI Solutions and chatbots, and revenue management systems (RMS). Some important speakers of this section include Richard Valtr from Mews, Daniel Krisch of Oracle Hospitality, Klaus Kohlmayr from IDeaS Solutions and Juanjo Rodriguez of TheHotelsNetwork.

WHERE? A Few Words about Talent Garden Calabiana, Milan

Lastly, HICON will take place at the stunning Talent Garden Calabianca, an enormous campus of the TAG network that covers an area of 8,500 square meters. It’s located in the Porta Romana district in Milan, and it has become Europe’s leading innovation platform and coworking network for digital innovation since its founding in 2011. In addition to the events, Talent Garden Calabiana hosts innovative coworking spaces, the Innovation School, Talent Garden’s digital educational branch, the TAG Cafe, and a bistro.

So, we highly recommend you book your ticket on HICON immediately, as the tickets are limited, and our special offer will soon expire. And, don’t forget:


  • Go to the website:
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  • Add code “HTLADHCN19” to receive the special 20% Discount
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