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Ηe has studied hotel management in Rhodes and business administration at the University of Piraeus. After a long pass through various positions at the front line of the hotel industry, he took a short break and worked for The Bank of Greece. His employment in the banking sector revealed his passion for sales. After this short period, he returned to the hospitality industry and held sales positions in well-known brands and hotel chains. ​Back in 2012, his expertise in sales and management lead him to the position of General Manager at a startup company. Under his leadership, this startup project quickly transformed into a market leader in Reservation Management. Nevertheless, he recently felt that large management companies fail in offering the quality of sales services that a hotel needs in our days. Being passionate about offering tailor-made solutions he founded Hotelistas in 2018, presenting uniqueness and customization in the hospitality industry.​
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Hotels & OTAs: Smart Ideas to improve your results
3 months ago

Hotels & OTAs: Smart Ideas to improve your results

Living in a time of intense changes, acquisitions, bankruptcies, synergies, and partnerships that are sketching the bleak landscape of hotel sales, hoteliers have to keep up with new developments. The …
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