A nice view is always appreciated. But an impressive Hotel Bed View, allowing you to enjoy a unique sight while lying on your bed, is truly an amazing experience! Let’s explore some of the best window and balcony sceneries, found in hotel rooms.

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An accommodation property’s bed area is naturally one of the most important spaces for its guests. This is where the travelers will rest and relax during a trip, spending their most private and intimate moments. Hence, making sure to create an environment that combines comfort and pleasant aesthetics, is a must. Α great view, would definitely upgrade the environment, complete the room design and enhance your guests’ experience!

The Romantic Nest!

Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort, Heraklion, Greece

Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort, Heraklion, Greece

No one can dispute that this particular hotel room is among the most romantic of all! Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort created a luxurious environment, using beige and white color tones, fine flooring, and of course took advantage of the view. The lush green trees that show through the balcony are the highlight, since they heighten the guest’s experience, who will wake up to this view!

Fancy Clue: Using an unexpected bed style, like a round one, can create a unique sleeping environment, making the guests’ stay even more memorable!

What we liked: The boudoir that is unexpectedly placed on the balcony, creates a special environment for self pampering and getting ready!

Frosty the View!

Chetzeron, Canton of Valais, Switzerland

Chetzeron, Canton of Valais, Switzerland

Chetzeron is another hotel with an astonishing view and smart design! The surrounding snowy mountaintops are perfectly framed in large windows, placed next & opposite of the bed. Moreover, the little living space that has been created next to the larger windows is ideal for lounging and enjoying the view all day long!

Fancy Clue: The wooden flooring and ceiling create a warm environment. Combined with the nearby stone wall, a firm characteristic of a winter retreat, they make a balanced contrast with the frosty nature.

What we liked: The window beside the bed has been designed as a sitting spot as well. A potential guest instantly imagines sitting there, with a cup of warm tea in hand!


Mirror, Mirror on the bed!

Villa Patricia, Heraklion, Greece

Villa Patricia, Heraklion, Greece

 A sea view bed, like the one in Villa Patricia, couldn’t be left out of this design collection! Especially during Summer, there is no better thing than gazing at the ocean the moment you open your eyes.

Fancy Clue: Throw some pillows on the floor, and/or have an armchair nearby, for a cozy sitting place, ideal for daydreaming!

What we liked: The mirror detail of the bed frame! It adds an interesting touch with a luxurious vibe.

The Bird’s Nest!

 Keemala, Phuket, Thailand

Keemala, Phuket, Thailand

Keemala is one of our favorite hotels concept-wise! On top of that, its bed view is simply impressive! Hidden in the rain forest, Keemala features a tropical style, offering a special bed view experience that will be deeply engraved in its guests’ memories.

Fancy Clue: Consider a mosquito net for the bed, if your property is located within a natural environment. It offers extra protection from bugs, plus it gives a romantic atmosphere to the setting!

What we liked: The black and white prints on the pillows, that give a fun touch to the overall bed aesthetics.

Heritage View!

Electra Metropolis Athens, Greece

Electra Metropolis Athens, Greece

If a hotel is located close to a monument or landmark, the ideal bed view would be facing directly at that! And this is exactly what Electra Metropolis Athens does, offering a stunning view of the Acropolis! What an amazing experience for the guest!

Fancy Clue: Make sure to place the bed on the right angle and on the right spot within the room, so that the view is the last thing your guests see before sleeping, and the first thing when opening their eyes!

What we liked: The see-through construction of the balcony, which highlights the beauty of the Acropolis hill.

Big City Lights!

Le Meridien Bangkok, Thailand

Le Meridien Bangkok, Thailand

Another travellers’ favorite view to enjoy — and capture with their cameras — is a city view! Especially in an urban destination, a hotel and city guest wishes to be part of the city vibe. Le Meridien Bangkok ultimately captures this with a semi-transparent environment, as most of the room walls are made of glass, highlighting the city!

Fancy Clue: If you decide to use transparency in large surfaces in your hotel’s room design, make sure to have at least some non-transparent space behind the bed, or feature a high headboard. This will give your guest a subconscious feeling of safety when sleeping. A completely see-through environment, even though impressive, might trigger feelings of anxiety and vulnerability.

What we liked: The minimal approach of the room’s aesthetics, which lets the view tell the story!

Check the below Gallery for more Hotel Bed Designs that feature Impressive Views: