We picked six Sunbed Designs from Hotels from around the world, that will give you some cool ideas for upgrading your Hotel Pool area.

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Throughout the Summer season, pools, sunbeds and lounging areas are the main focus for most hotels in summer destinations. All hoteliers want their Hotel’s pool area to stand out, and offer memorable and relaxing moments to their guests.

Over the past few years, a design revolution introduced different variations of sunbeds, instead of the standard, rectangular ones. Some of these new designs are rather impressive, catching the visitors’ eye and starring in many social media photos and stories. We have gathered the best of these designs, and we present them below.

Geometry is trending! Right?

Hotel Vistabella, Spain, Costa Brava

Both types of sunbeds that appear in this photo from Hotel Vistabella, feature a geometric design, which is currently a major trend in the fashion & design world. Fine lines that create polygons or triangles are pleasing to the human eye, since symmetry is always appreciated. In addition, the dominating white colour enhances the whole ambiance with its simplicity and defines the clean cuts. To complete the design, a couple of light blue pillows bring out a summer-y look & feel.

Simple and Comfy!

Ode Luxurious Villa, Greece, Santorini

At Ode Luxurious Villa we see a sunbed design that is close to the traditional one, but using significantly upgraded materials. A thick wooden frame offers stability and a richer look, while the blue cushions are soft and comfortable, allowing the hotel guests to relax for hours under the warm sun.

The Surrealist Lounger

The Albatroz Hotel, Cascais, Portugal

The designer of these sunbeds is clearly an artsy spirit! Escaping from the clear cut style, these ‘curvy’ sunbeds resemble the shape of waves. We love the white pillows that seem to be extra comfy. Their cylindrical form matches perfectly with the whole concept.

The reader’s lounger

Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa, Portugal, Calheta

Another sunbed that breaks the ‘rectangular bed’ rule, and experiments with round forms. We like its size, which reminds an actual comfy bed. Moreover, its lovely brown colour gives a luxury feeling to its total design. This sunbed is found in Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa, a hotel with a rich sugar cane heritage, from which the whole concept of the overall design was inspired. You can read more here.

The practical one

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort, Greece, Costa Navarino

A sunbed that stays within classic guidelines, yet adding a practical aspect. The key is the separate ending of the sunbed, which can be moved around, creating a sun chair. A very handy way of covering more of your hotel guests’ needs.

Back to Black

Back to Black: Stylish sunbeds

The Yeatman, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

This kind of lounger looks like a signature made with a light hand and black ink! Delicate and most definitely chic, these sunbeds are the ideal closing for this collection.