Mary Sfiraki, Interior Designer, guides us across the globe, presenting five top hotel arrivals in 2019, that will become talk-of-the-town and provide pure inspiration

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2019 appears to be a year when our eyes will turn to every corner of the Earth, looking to meet and evaluate the very interesting and exciting ‘new entries’ in the hotel market.

Five particular hotels have managed to win our attention, and are surely expected to be talked about. It is worth going through each one of these cases separately since all of them are tangible examples of successful Hotel Concepts. Some Concepts are based on the hotel’s location, while others focus on the local culture and civilization. In all cases, the Hotels manage to preserve their International character as well as their contemporary approach in regards to design and modern facilities.

In all five examples, the key-phrase is “Luxury meets Authenticity”. So, let’s go through these exciting properties, one by one:

Six Senses Bhutan’s design manages to make the hotel look as if it rises from the water, creating a Zen Experience

At the mountain range of the Himalayas, between Tibet and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, the last Buddhist Kingdom, or the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, as locals use to call it. Or even the ‘Last Paradise’, for all Western civilizations, where the King has established, instead of the Gross National Product, the Gross National Happiness

Within a landscape of impeccable beauty, with an intense spiritual character and important culture, the well-known hotel chain Six Senses places its new hotel project. The resort dwells in one of the area’s five valleys, completely in-line with its surrounding natural environment and respecting the local architecture — yet with a more minimal approach.

The resort’s main building seems as if it rises from the water since it is surrounded by the main pool that looks like an over-sized lake. One of the hotel’s most fascinating spots, what we would call “meditation spot”, is the in-water sitting area. This is where the guests can live the ultimate experience, as the water surrounds them while they sit and relax gazing the rich valley, in a setting full of total bliss and harmony.

The ground’s natural incline makes it possible to have different parts of the resort built in a way that looks as they are floating. All the elements of nature are depicted through the property’s design, complementing the six senses. The feeling of total relaxation that is underlined by the natural environment, is extended in the hotel’s interior spaces as well, where wood is the dominating material, used on floors, ceilings, furniture and equipment. The single-coloured palette is the final touch that maximizes the resort’s Zen feeling.

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Αl Bait Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates creates the perfect setting for a trip through local culture

Sharjah is considered the UAE’s cultural hub and was the 2014 Islamic Culture Capital. In an effort of preserving and highlighting the Islamic tradition within modern reality, GHM Hotels, are currently renovating a collection of historical buildings in the area, transforming them into a 5-star hotel of impeccable Arabian luxury and hospitality.

“Αl Bait’’ in the Arabic language means ‘the house’. The secret of success is hidden behind the combination of the top contemporary facilities with the luxury that derives from the traditional Arabic hospitality. The UK-based architects GAJ, who are in charge of this project, have made sure to highlight the local architecture of the area, preserving the handmade arched patterns on the ceiling. The office’s team has chosen luxurious materials, crafted furniture and carefully selected lights — all boasting Arabic influences, without becoming ‘folklore’ and perfectly balancing the past with the present.

The visitors are able to enjoy their luxurious stay and the hotel services while taking a journey through time, culture, and local traditions. The hotel is directly connected with UAE’s oldest market, as well as the famous Sharjah Round Tower. The lighting, the colours, and the overall feeling that the chosen materials create, lead to a sumptuous experience full of memories, aromas, and flavours.

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Lekkerwater Beach Lodge at De Hoop | Natural Selection, in South Africa, connects the exterior nature with the inner spaces, highlighting the beauty of the surrounding landscape

At a place of undeniable beauty in South Africa, Lekkerwater Beach, and always in the concept of Safari Camps, the hotel chain Νatural Selection plans to open its new project in 2019. This new property consists of seven independent buildings, that stretch along the dreamy coastline, and offer panoramic views to the Indian Ocean and the surrounding landscape. This area is ranked among the top destinations worldwide for whale watching, while Natural Selection introduces “marine safari” as the main experience that this particular hotel concept will offer.

The hotel’s design concept is clearly based on the complete connection of the interior areas with the outside environment. The large openings allow nature to ‘invade’ the buildings and dominate the spaces through the choices in materials and colours. Earthy tones, natural materials, and rough wood being the star — in furniture, as well as in structural elements. The only visible colour is blue, which can be found on various accessories (such as stools, pillows etc). A colour palette that absolutely matches the one of the surrounding scenery!

The resort’s main building functions as a breakfast room as well as a restaurant, following similar design: large openings, natural materials, and earthy tones. The open kitchen creates an interaction with the guests, as well as a family-style ambience with the guests enjoying their meals on the over-sized dining tables. The surrounding deck provides the possibility of enjoying breakfast or dinner al fresco, or even at small tables right on the sand.

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In the three resorts that were presented above, the main emphasis has been given in the guest’s interaction with the natural environment, as well as in the local elements and traditions. The hotel concept is clearly based on each property’s location and the guest’s relation with the surroundings. Design comes silently to serve the guests’ need for getting in touch with nature, but mostly with themselves.


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Keep reading, to discover two important hotel examples, that have created a unique experience by bringing foreign cultures to distant destinations, creating a differentiated product based on a clear and specific concept.

Nobu Hotel Los Cabos in Mexico shows how a Japanese beach house should look like, located in this popular destination

The younger member of Nobu Hotels comes to Mexico, bringing the Japanese culture to the area of Los Cabos, that boasts incredible views to the Pacific Ocean. The hotel features two hundred rooms and suites, conference rooms, a luxurious spa, shops, restaurants and, of course, a NOBU restaurant right on the Pacific Ocean shore.

The resort’s concept has been developed on the philosophy of a beach house, while its design concept is based on a minimal Japanese style. Strictly geometrical, elegant, with clean lines — but with a local touch that matches the Mexican, clearly more extroverted character. Great emphasis is given on the luxurious materials, with wood being once again the total dominator.

The wooden bathtubs in the wood & stone bathrooms are expected to be the centre of attention. Here, the Japanese design honours Mexico’s natural materials, by using, for example, the typical local fabrics the area of Los Cabos is famous for. Light & shadow become allies in a game of mild contrasts and upgrade the hotel’s stylish elegance to the next level. The various objects of art in the hotel rooms combine the two civilizations, Japanese and Mexican, creating a feeling of surprise within a neutral scenery.

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Baglioni Resort Maldives “brings” the Italian finesse to the Maldives

Italian hotel chain Baglioni Hotels is globally known for its luxurious and maximal style. With hotels mainly in Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice), as well as in France and the UK, the luxury brand moves this year to the exotic Maldives, bringing the renowned Italian finesse to one of the most desirable exotic destinations in the world!

“…luxuriating blissfully under a palm tree”, mentions the resort’s official website. The property boasts 230 m² suites with private pools and direct beach access. Their flagship is clearly the presidential suite of 670 m², that is literally built right on the water. The interior design in all the suites is mainly influenced by the Italian style, with a strict focus on detail. The result is framed within a tropical Paradise with white sand, palm trees and crystal-clear turquoise waters — clearly, the best setting to enjoy the renowned Italian comfort and style! The covered open-air bathroom in all the suites is definitely one of the resort’s strongest Instagram spots.

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Through our short journey to the four corners of the Earth, we can easily realize that 2019 will be a year when fascinating hotels like the ones we described above, will give us even more reasons to travel, be inspired, and materialize. After all, there is no greater source of inspiration for the modern hotelier, than a full of experiences and images accommodation in special and unique hotels across the world!