Five impressive Smart Hotel case studies from around the world, that showcase how this new accommodation type is already making its way through the global hospitality industry

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Smart Hotels belong to a new hotel category that will certainly grow over the coming years and will create a new pattern regarding the hotel services’ specification and provision.

Their innovative amenities, the simplification of the various procedures that the guests have to deal with during their stay, as well as the futuristic technologies they use, are only some of their key elements.

In a previous article at Hotelier Academy, we presented the top Smart amenities of a modern hotel room. Within the same context, we have created a list of 5 Smart Hotels from around the world that have managed to catch our attention, and present their innovative amenities and the modern technological environment they use in their premises.

Let “Alexa”, Amazon’s voice assistant, spoil you and make your stay in Wynn Las Vegas an unforgettable experience

Smart Hotels

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Resort in Las Vegas looks like a small town that provides its guests with smart hospitality amenities, malls with branded shops, entertainment venues, clubs, casinos, magnificent views, and even theaters & concerts where guests can live the authentic Las Vegas experience right within the resort’s premises. For the guests’ absolute convenience, the resort has created an app for mobile phones and tablets with all the information they need about shops, current events, concerts, and offers. The app also allows the guests to make restaurant reservations, book spa appointments, and order additional activities within the resort.

However, what differentiates the hotel from its competitors, is the existence of the voice assistant in all of its over 2.000 rooms, in collaboration with Amazon. “Alexa” will listen to your needs through voice commands and accomplish them instantly and quickly. The service covers a wide range of features, like switching on and selecting channels on the room’s Smart-TV, adjusting the lights, picking the right music, drawing the curtains, and setting the room’s temperature. It even provides guests with information about the current weather, traffic, daily news etc.


At Wynn resort, services like housekeeping and “do not disturb” have been simplified and with Alexa’s help, guests have the ability to inform the hotel through voice commands from their room. Wynn Hotel’s services have been awarded the highest five-star rating by Fores Travel Guide in 2019.


YOTEL Hotels make you the star in a Sci-Fi movie titled “Robotic Services within a Hotel in the Future”!

Smart Hotels

YOTEL Singapore

The Yotel Hotel chain constantly surprises its guests with its innovative amenities, managing to clearly stand out among its competitors! At YOTEL Singapore Orchard Road Hotel, the smart self-check-in/check-out kiosks resemble airport check-in. The hotel cabins are futuristic, ergonomic and are equipped with intelligent features such as the adjustable  SmartBed™ as well as a Technowall with adjustable mood lighting and smart TVs for easy connectivity to the guest’s own devices.

However, the technological innovations in this property go further beyond, since during your stay, you will come across service robots performing room-service tasks, delivering amenities straight to the cabin doorstep! This is actually the first hotel that uses robots in its services and has recently won the first place in the Technology Excellence Awards 2019, in “Robotics for Hospitality & Leisure” category.

On the other hand, if you visit the chain’s New York establishment in Time Square, you will have the pleasure of meeting the pioneer Yobot. Yobot is the world’s first porter robot that will pick up your luggage and make sure to safely place and store it.

Smart Hotels

YOTEL Singapore


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W Singapore – Sentosa Cove in Singapore will allure you from the very first moment and, depending on the room type you choose, will make you live like a Superstar DJ

Smart Hotels

W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

At W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, a five-star hotel in Sentosa Island in Singapore, you will find high-standard amenities that use impressive and personalized futuristic services for each guest. Some of the amenities that guests are able to enjoy are the control of the main functions of lighting and music, underwater speakers, Smart TV with Bose sound system, minimal designed public areas, and led panel lighting installations that create a futuristic background. Moreover, you will find suites that provide private DJ booths with spectacular pool or ocean views. It is a hotel that has been thoroughly designed, from the guests’ entrance to every single room.

Extra Tip: If you ever visit this hotel, you should definitely walk around all of its premises, in order to appreciate its architectural excellence. Also, do not miss to take an evening walk in its interior spaces, since the led technologies that have been used in conjunction with the hotel’s minimal character, results in a very differentiated and fascinating scenery.

Eccleston Square Hotel in London combines history and old-style architecture with the most modern, cutting-edge technologies

Smart Hotels

Eccleston Square Hotel

The Eccleston Square boutique hotel in London lies behind an impressive 19th-century historic facade in the heart of the city, and you will surely love it on the first sight. As you walk through the hotel’s outdoor and public areas, you will have the feeling of being in another century. However, when you are in your room, you will enjoy high-tech amenities. All hotel rooms include smart technologies such as the control of the main room functions through your mobile phone, flat TVs embedded in bathroom mirrors, special iPads that provide concierge services, handy smartphones that offer free phone calls to international countries and which can also be used during a walk in the city.

In addition to the Smart Room amenities it offers, the hotel has also incorporated other technological amenities such as the “smart” booking procedure. This can be easily and quickly completed through their official website with the help of chatbots, that offer the best available price, as well as complementary services and welcome gifts. Chatbots are also useful for any information you would like to know about the hotel before or even during your stay, as it is a 24-hour service.


CitizenM New York Times Square will make you the “boss” of your room through the use of your tablet

Smart Hotels

CitizenM New York Times Square

The boutique hotel chain CitizenM that has properties across the whole world (America, Europe & Asia) aims to accommodate you in the most central areas of each region and provide you with a comfortable and personalized staying experience. All the main services, such as waiting for check-in, wake-up call, lighting adjustments, Smart-TV handling, are easily and quickly done through tablet devices. Besides, it is not by chance that this specific hotel chain launches the slogan “You’re the boss with the citizenM room tablet” in its promotional campaigns.

While all the chain’s hotels have managed to stand out, CitizenM in New York City Times Square, got our full attention. The hotel’s public spaces and lobby feature a completely modern design that will keep you entertained and make you want to stay for hours enjoying your coffee and surfing on the high-speed Wi-Fi. All the hotel rooms are small but well-designed to be ergonomic and fully functional, offering stunning city views. For a modern traveller who wants to visit New York, stay in the heart of the city, and enjoy all these modern amenities, this is by far the best possible choice.


All Smart Hotels have one common goal: to create a personalized experience and respond quickly to their guests’ needs. Some hotels provide their guests with tablets to control all the provided functions, others have their own applications that can be downloaded through mobile phones, while there are those that choose to invest more in Artificial Intelligence & Robotic technologies for butler and porter services. Hotel chains with downtown properties invest highly in these technologies, evaluating the speedy pace of city life, that makes guests want things made quickly and effortlessly.

As smart technologies are increasingly penetrating our lives, Smart Hotels will gain even more ground. The ones that will stand out, are certainly those that will decide to go beyond the limits and introduce new technological amenities that today look like a sci-fi scenario. These are the properties that, at the dawn of the new era, will establish this new trend in modern hotels.