Read all about The Parisian Macao, a hotel that has its own Eiffel Tower and other Paris landmarks, excellently brought to Macao, China!

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Inspired by the magic and wonder of the famous ‘City of Lights’, The Parisian Macao is a fascinating resort hotel in Macao, China. We were impressed by this thematic estate and especially by the Eiffel Tower replica, which stands in front of the hotel. To tell us more about the property and its story, we contacted Mr Mark McWhinnie, Senior Vice President of Resort Operations and Development, Sands China Ltd, who was happy to answer our questions.

What is your role in The Parisian Macao and what characterizes you as a professional?

Mr Mark McWhinnie, the parisian macao

My role is Senior Vice President of Resort Operations and Development for Sands China Ltd, which encompasses all of our integrated resorts including The Venetian Macao as well as our newly opened property – The Parisian Macao.

Day-to-day operational responsibilities include managing the company’s self-managed hotel, food, and beverages, conventions, and exhibitions as well as leisure operations. In addition, I manage the owner relations of Sands China Ltd hotels that we have under management contract including Sheraton Grand Hotel Macao, St Regis Macao, and the Four Seasons Macao. With more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, I have enjoyed an international career that has allowed me to work in China, Japan, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Overseeing the opening of The Parisian Macao was certainly a highlight for me and gave me a great sense of pride as we all welcomed our very first guest to the resort.

I believe that one of my strengths, is the ability to be both macro and micro orientated; that is being able to focus on the big picture but also have an understanding of the needs of the operations team and giving them the tools to be able to do their job.

To be successful in this industry requires an in-depth understanding of every role within the organization, coupled with the patience, tact, and understanding to handle even the most demanding situations.

Working in a dynamic fast-paced hospitality environment such as this, managers and leaders need to be able to create both creative and practical solutions at a moments’ notice.

How is The Parisian Macao inspired by the “city of lights?”

Designed to transport the grand halls, state rooms and gardens of Parisian palaces to Macao, and inspired by the evolution of Paris through the ages, a city universally recognized for its exquisite architecture, gardens and unparalleled decorative and fine arts, the design vision for The Parisian Macao public areas was to create a destination which rivals the royal palaces in France. True to its classical French inspirations, the design seeks to capture the spirit of authenticity, artistic splendor and romance of Paris throughout history. Like the city itself, which owes its beauty to the kings, artisans, and creators who have transformed it over the ages. The Parisian Macao is layered and rich, recalling a collection of period influences over time that, woven together, tell a story as captivating as the city itself.

The Parisian Macao Exterior

How did it all begin?

The story begins at the majestic gilded doors of the Palais Garnier inspired façade. L’Opera is an appropriate setting for The Parisian Macao; a stage set to transport all who enter to the streets and squares of Paris, the state rooms and gardens of its palaces and the halls of its art museums. Like the grand palaces, visitors are welcomed into a dramatic, soaring space. The Rotunda’s gleaming dome recalls L’Hotel National des Invalides in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, one of the most exquisite domes in all France. Flanked by grand promenades of French limestone, marble and tromp l’oeil ceilings, the Rotunda and its sparkling bronze and gilded Fontaine des Mers form the heart of The Parisian Macao, a vibrant square where people gather, interact and can readily imagine themselves transported to France at the turn of the 20th century.

Whether surrounded by the lightness of the Louis XVI neoclassical concourses, the rich jewel tones of the Versailles-inspired reception, concierge, and casino, or the delicate gilding, floral motifs and pastels borrowed from Les Jardins des Tulleries, each guest will be immersed in Parisian art and history. At the apex of The Parisian Macao’s tower, Art Deco-inspired spaces reside, overlooking a sparkling Eiffel Tower, a symbol of French ingenuity and modernism.

Which are the best reproductions of Parisian landmarks within the hotel?

Eiffel Tower

The Parisian Macao is an astonishing construction, designed to capture the imagination of all those that fall under its spell. Alongside the magnificent main building, the jewel in the crown is the Eiffel Tower. At half the size of the original in Paris, the detailed recreation is a true testament to it. With over 6,600 LED lights covering the façade, 26 km of electrical cabling and an elevator to the two observation decks (Level 7 and Level 37), the Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao stands as the shimmering beacon of The Cotai Strip. The tower also features La Chine restaurant, observation decks and dazzling light shows every night.




The Parisian Macao Rotunda

From the moment visitors enter the grand lobby, they will be inspired by the grandeur and beauty of the glass-domed classic assemblage evoking French neo-classical architecture. The 25-metre, high fluted columns made of beige fine limestone, Rosso Levanto, and Vert Guatamala marble rise to support the dome. Expansive painted ceilings depict summer skies floating weightlessly overhead. Bas relief adorned with plaster and wood panels portray mythological, allegorical figures, floral compositions, and symbols are a testament to the mixture of neo-classical, Art Nouveau and the avant-garde. The Musical Fountain in the Rotunda with historical references to Fountaines de la Concorde in Paris offers grandeur alongside a charming light and music show.

Reception and Concierge

As visitors make their way to the main Reception and Concierge, they will be awestruck by the grandeur of Louis XIV’s Baroque rooms, the lush ornamentation of Louis XV’s Rococo and Regency details. Custom murals inset on the walls and ceilings, Fromental wall coverings accents, and custom handmade chandeliers enhance the French ambiance. The 40-metre Rosso Levanto topped reception desk allows our team to provide a top level of service to guests.

The Parisian Macao’s Galarie Vivienne shopping boulevard

What is a special feature that The Parisian Macao offers?

A unique feature of The Parisian Macao is the linked walkways to The Venetian Macao and Shoppes at Four Seasons into Shoppes at Cotai Central, allowing guests and visitors to enjoy the full Sands Resorts Macao experience with an additional 650 stores, 150 restaurants, luxury hotels, three theatres, meeting and convention space, plus the 15,000-seat Cotai Arena.

Does your hotel offer any unique service that guests cannot easily find in other hotels?

The Parisian Macao features its own theater — the ‘Parisian Theatre’, which continues to bring the very best in international entertainment from around the world to its 1,200-seat, purpose-built The Parisian Theatre. From live music concerts to Broadway theater and Vegas-style shows, there are entertainment events for the whole family to enjoy; currently, we have Thriller Live direct from London’s West End.

Does your hotel provide any experiences that guests cannot easily live elsewhere?

I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is that unless you are in Paris, France, it would have to be a unique experience waking up and being able to see the Eiffel Tower from your guest room. Guests and visitors at The Parisian Macao will also enjoy daily entertainment from French themed Streetmosphere characters, including an eclectic mix of mimes, Parisian-themed ‘living statues’, ballroom and can-can dancers. ‘Belle Époque’ costumed performers can also offer meet and greet photo opportunities whether it be barrel organ players, accordionists, French singers, opera singers and caricaturists. There are also formal gardens, fountains, hedge mazes, reflective pools, carousels, arcades and bistros, creating a streetmosphere reminiscent of being in the City of Lights.

Does your hotel follow any special marketing or branding tactics that makes it stand out from the competition?

Famed French actress and director Sophie Marceau is the ambassador for The Parisian Macao. Her gracious and elegant personality was chosen as the perfect match for the resort hotel, which like Sophie, effortlessly blends classic styling with contemporary French flair. Sophie Marceau is featured in The Parisian Macao advertising campaigns on an ongoing basis.

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