The ceilings of CHAYA B&B boutique in Mexico, give a special character to the whole design of the hotel’s interior!

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What’s Special about CHAYA’s Interior?

In this Hotel Design Article, we will study the Ceiling Design Statement and other inspiring details of CHAYA B&B, a boutique accommodation property in the heart of Mexico. What is impressive about this hotel’s design, is the way the interiors combine functionality and traveller convenience with a fascinating mixture of local & international design influences and trends, which offer a high-end experience to the guests. This is an excellent way to create a unique identity and character for a hotel, that will be engraved in the guests’ memories. Also, you should not forget that in the age of Instagram, a good travel memory is instantly shared, thus increasing your hotel’s positioning and brand awareness!

Chaya Hotel

Creative Director and Designer Architect Luis Carbonell, brought together a team of designers, artists, gallerists, and friends to create Chaya´s Identity, a unique and original hotel concept. Mexican Design Hints are strong, though brought to more modern lines, plus some industrial touches, a balanced mix & match, fine lines and rustic details.

As the people of the CHAYA state: ‘Mexico city is a big city with a lot of traffic, making it an exciting place to be! However, we thought that CHAYA´s design had to provide a sense of oasis in the middle of all this ‘noise’. Therefore, the landscaping of the hotel was very well thought of, in order to provide this feeling.’ 

Why the Ceiling is The Statement

Η οροφη αυτου του καταλυματος, δινει χαρακτηρα στον χωρο και καθοριζει το design του

Different than Usual

When we think of a ceiling, more often than not, the first thing that comes to mind is a plain white surface with a nice lamp. Contrary to that, designers sometimes make the wise decision to invest more on this underestimated part of the interior — and this is exactly what CHAYA’s creative masterminds did too. It is important for an accommodation property to brainstorm and think through the environment of its premises since this is where all of its guest’s memories will be created.

In certain sleeping & living areas of the hotel, we could not miss the impressive textures of the ceiling design! The rich grey concrete, creates a rough surface, with an almost ‘unfinished’ look. This is completely different than any other type of ceiling we have met — such as tray, coffered or exposed beam designs. This ceiling brings out an ‘industrial’ touch, yet with traditional local ceiling ‘hints’. In most cases, the ceiling resembles the wooden textures used for its alignment, however in grey colour grading and with a completely different texture.

Chaya Hotel

Setting the Original Character

A ceiling with such a strong ‘character’, manages to set the rest of each space’s interior design. Dominating a large surface, the ceiling tends to become the room’s focal point. Its unique texture and style as well as its industrial statement, make all other design elements work for its further enhancement. In the bedroom areas, we see that the floor also features a shade of grey colour scheme, that empowers the raw texture of the ceiling. The rest of the room is kept simple since these two opposite surfaces create a strong and distinctive character, which manages to impress the guests right away!

Chaya Hotel

More Local touches

In this living space, the contrast between the concrete ceiling and the wooden flooring creates a warm and cosy vibe. Wood softens the rustic character of the ceiling, while the rest of the details complete this distinctive area, making it ideal for a guest to feel like home! The rug and the wooden table are firm hints of Mexican interior design aesthetics. Mexico is known for the raw use of wood and other natural elements — something we clearly see at the table design. Also, Mexican culture loves bold prints like the ones we see on the rug, which, together with the textile, give out a strong local design influence. The fact that Mexican authenticity is present in the room’s environment, is something that travellers will definitely love!

Other Gems we found in CHAYA

Traditional Cottage Hints

The breakfast area, where the centrepiece is this unique table, gives credit once more to raw wooden furniture. Other wooden surfaces, like the floor, the door and small details like the counter’s drawers, contribute to a warm environment which all guests will appreciate. The table is vertically facing the counter, drawing the eye to the open-shelved counter. The exposed kitchen tools and equipment, are reminiscent of country-style design, such as small traditional cottages. All these details, along with the green plants, create the feeling of being home, allowing the guests to completely relax and enjoy their time at the property!

The Bathroom Tiles are Important!

CHAYA’s bathrooms also carry their own character. Featuring a retro tile style, they smoothly border the sink and shower spaces. The rest of the room has the same grey colour scheme both on the floor and on the walls. The furniture combines wood and metal, giving an industrial dimension to the whole space.

The most unique of all bathroom spaces is in the master suite! The Bathtub has its own corner in the room, slightly elevated from the main floor, for additionally highlighting its independent existence! Surrounded by lush green plants, this is definitely an in-room tropical oasis and a one-way Photo Spot for the guests.

The roof is on fire!

Exterior design is also important, and CHAYA addresses this point in the best way. On the hotel’s roof top, lush green plants and hammocks create a cosy environment, ideal for chilling and enjoying the sun and the view! Definitely an ever-lasting memory for the guests!



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