See how Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini, has managed to offer an ideal luxury experience, focusing on sustainability and personalized service

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A hotel is, by definition, a unique ‘destination within a destination’, that becomes the visitor’s reference point regarding the local experience. It is now clear, that the visitors look for unique properties, that will not only provide high-level hospitality, but introduce them to the overall experience of the destination they are visiting.

In many cases, however, hoteliers hesitate to implement the local culture into their hotel experience, in an effort to avoid a possible ‘folklore’ result. This is even more evident in luxury hotels, which put the Premium experience for their guests as their top priority.

For this reason, we have selected Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini, which has managed, not only to stand our as one of the island’s most luxurious properties, but also to become a unique case study of local experience.

The entire hospitality experience is focused on the “Feel Like a Local” concept

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A hotel with an impressive view to the Santorini Caldera as well as a beautiful design such as Kapari Natural Resort, could very easily rely on its location and simply offer a good quality service, thinking that this is enough for ensuring a premium experience for its guests. However, Kapari’s people did not follow that road. Taking into consideration the hotel’s comparative advantages and putting the guest experience on the top of their list, they worked for developing a concept around local culture, linking the luxury feeling with the destination.

Since the average length of stay in Santorini is rather short, the traveler wishes to experience the destination as much as possible; and this is exactly what this hotel has achieved! Emphasizing on the top ‘things to-do’ in the area, the property provides the required information and organizes short excursions, giving to its visitors an ‘insider’s view’. When a hotel concentrates on offering experiences not only within its premises but also in the destination, it manages to convince the travelers that its people care about their experience above all and make them return this feeling of satisfaction back to the hotel, in various ways.

The hotel’s sustainable character is even recognized by National Geographic

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A hotel’s sustainable character as well as the level of its contribution in the local culture and society protection, is vital for its overall image and branding. The fact that National Geographic has launched a special brand called ‘unique lodges‘, through which such hotels are presented, is indicative of this new trend. One of the hotels that is included in this list, is Kapari Natural Resort.

The hotel actively supports the local community, since its restaurant uses local farms and producers as its main suppliers. In addition to that, the hotel supports several local cultural events, like Santorini’s Musical Festival. The hotel’s overall sustainable profile is further enhanced by its ‘cave-like’ rooms, an element that constantly underlines Kapari Natural Resort’s connection to Santorini.

The right personalized service has a name, which is even recorded in the hotel reviews

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A hotel is not able to ensure a local experience in the optimum level, if its staff does not derive from the same location. Kapari Natural Resort, has made sure that the majority of its employees come from Greece, and remain in the hotel for many years — a fact that proves that the people working at the hotel really love their job, hence they are happy to provide the best possible service.

In combination with ‘home-like’ procedures, such as the homemade welcome treat, the fresh flowers and the carefully selected music in the rooms, the personalized service moves to another level, making the guests feel excited. A prove for all the above is the fact that very often, the guests mention in their reviews specific staff names, emphasizing their satisfaction.

Multiple awards and a ‘word of mouth’ reputation become the hotel’s main marketing assets

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Even though the hotel’s communication strategy was very intense during its first years of operation, it was soon replaced by a positive ‘word of mouth’ reputation as well as several Awards, that have ranked Kapari Natural Resort among the top accommodation choices in Santorini.

Carefully working on improving the guest’s satisfaction as well as providing the ultimate local experience, the hotel creates a one-of-a-kind engagement with its guests, who then become its most influential and ongoing source of promotion. In this way, the hotel does not only acquire new audience year after year, but introduces itself in the best possible way, creating anticipation to the upcoming guests. Moreover, the several awards for its outstanding service, have strengthened the hotel’s position within the local hotel market.

A ‘Natural‘ conclusion

Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini proves that luxury and local experience can work together, creating excellent results and offering the most upgraded experiences to the guests. Keeping in mind that travellers seek for unique moments and memories during their trips, future hotels are expected not only to provide local experiences, but even build fascinating concepts based on the history and culture of their location.