Ideas on how to make your hotel's bed the main reference point of the room, transforming it into a multipurpose space.

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It is quite common to consider the hotel’s bed as the main place to rest and sleep, with the mattress playing the most important role. And this is indeed the case, as the mattress is the most decisive factor in travellers’ experience. But if we take a second look at the few squares of a hotel room, we realize that bed occupies a significant part of it, with hoteliers being called upon to find more ways to utilize it in order to enhance the overall traveller experience.

In this article, we will discover how hoteliers can turn beds into the hotspot of their rooms, gaining better reviews and more new bookings.


Emphasis on the Design and the conformation of an impressive bedside setting​

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The bed space dominates and determines the design experience of the room. Essentially, it is the visual reference point as well as the spatial hotspot that defines the design of the rest of the room. Having such an influence on the overall experience, it is important to pay close attention to the design of the bed space, so that it can impress travellers and make them want to spend more time inside the room. At the same time, the bed headboard is perhaps the strongest Design Statement of the room that requires originality and aesthetics, since it is going to be the ideal ‘setting’ for much of the traveller’s experience. Combined with the rest of the furniture such as bedside tables and the bed frame itself, the “heavy specification” of the room is completed, although not only for aesthetic satisfaction but also for efficient customer service. By recording travellers’ possible movements on and around the bed, we should foresee the coverage of all possible needs, which should ideally be served without having to get out of bed.

For an impressive bed character, the higher, rich layers create the feeling of comfort and high quality. For even better performance it is recommended to use an additional mattress, which further enhances both the comfort and the appearance of the bed.

Provision of the necessary technological facilities and options for remote room management

hotel mattress project - hotelier academy

Nowadays, technology is an integral part of our daily lives and it is a fact that much of our bedtime is invested in the use of a mobile phone or computer. Furthermore, in hotels travellers tend to bring at least two devices with them, emphasizing the importance of technology even on vacation. Therefore, one of the most important things regarding a hotel bed area is the existence of sockets and USB ports, so that it is possible to charge as many as possible devices simultaneously. However, as the devices are of different sizes, e.g. laptops, tablets, mobile phones, it is important to provide the storage space on the bedside tables so that the guest does not need to be moved to fit them after use. In order to cover all travellers’ devices’ needs, and remain in the technological realm, it is of utmost importance to offer a smart room, which is remotely controlled via a dedicated tablet that allows regulating the light and temperature besides opening the curtains from the bed area, without the need to move.

To better meet the storage needs of devices, it is recommended that custom beds, offering specially designed storage areas, are made, serving to the maximum functionality.

Provision of the necessary equipment that will increase bed’s usability

hotel mattress project - hotelier academy

As the size of a hotel room is limited, it is a fact that the bed automatically turns into a useful space where travellers spend more time than the expected sleeping one. It is common for travellers to rest in bed watching series (especially on modern Netflix-like platforms), communicating with their surroundings, even eating or working on it. It is therefore important for hoteliers to take care of these potential needs and provide at the same time more comfort to travellers but also a relative protection for beds and mattresses. One smart way to meet these needs is to provide specialized equipment that will facilitate all the above activities and create a unique experience. As eating on the bed is almost the norm, offering a special bed tray in the room is an important facility since travellers can more easily indulge in the relaxed vacation experiences they dream about. Special accessories to support laptops and tablets will also help them better serve their time in bed and be able to perfectly match their Business & Pleasure needs. Finally, the presence of special support pillows that fit the bed head can increase comfort, especially when watching movies on TV.

It is necessary to use a protective coating to maximize the protection of your mattress, especially from the use of food and drinks. In case of a mishap, contact your mattress company immediately and do not use wet practices that may expand the damage.


All of the above are factors that will greatly enhance customer comfort and satisfaction and, in combination with a high-quality mattress, are likely to enhance positive reviews of your hotel. In addition to this, providing greater comfort increases room stays and, consequently, in-room consumption, generating significant revenue for the upselling of your accommodation.


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The article about the importance of bed in the hotel room is part of “The Hotel Mattress Project”, CANDIA’s special hotel campaign in collaboration with Hotelier Academy.