For the first time in Greece, the “Hotel Scent Experience” becomes one of the most important factors that define the traveller’s experience, highlighting the latest trends in hotel marketing.

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Hotelier Academy will analyze one of the most evolving trends in the global hospitality market, in collaboration with Scent Plus, a well-established company in the field of Scent Marketing. Hotelier Academy’s experts will thoroughly examine all the potential solutions that Scent Plus provides to hotels and present its useful ideas and practical solutions for hoteliers.

Scent Marketing is one of the most modern and upgraded marketing methods. The appropriate use of the right smell, enhances the guests’ experience as well as the hotel’s brand identity, leading to high levels of satisfaction and more positive reviews. Moreover, especially in the F&B department, Scent Marketing has become the most effective way to reduce unwanted odors and enhance the whole experience, as hoteliers can increase their customers’ desire for consumption and offer an overall upgraded gastronomy experience.

Among the topics to be analyzed, Hotelier Academy will focus on “Hotel Scent Marketing and its benefits”, “Ways in which hotels can create their own custom scent”, as well as “Scent Marketing applications” in specific areas within the hotels. Hotelier Academy’s hotel experts are at your disposal for additional information or questions about Scent Marketing applied in hotels.

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