The best pool tips that will turn your pool into your Hotel’s hottest reference point, boosting your pool bar and restaurant's sales

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No matter where your hotel is located, swimming pools are always one of your guests’ favourite facilities. Even if you are just a breath away from some of the best beaches in the world, the pools will always be a refuge for your travellers, and the place where they will start or end their days. And why not, the place they will choose to spend a whole day of relaxation.

Consequently, pools are also one of the most promising facilities that can boost your hotel’s turnover and also increase your positive reviews on the popular Review Websites. So, which are the elements that will make your pool experience unique, turning it into your property’s most successful travel facility?

In this article, Hotelier Academy shares top tips for creating a top experience in a hotel pool, while presenting examples that stand out and inspire.


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Focus  on your pool area’s Landscape Design, and create a unique Place Identity that will shape unique experiences for the traveler.

A successful swimming pool must be attractive to the travellers, not only for relaxing and enjoying the sun, but also for taking photos and sharing them online. However, simply placing a special and impressive pool is not enough to make the difference. Before you make your final decisions about the pool area, you should have already studied the orientation and the course of the sun and aim to create a special setting for the travellers, where they will want to devote part of  their vacation.

In collaboration with your hotel’s designers, specify a series of “experiences” that you would like your visitor to live in the pool area and create the appropriate setting to accommodate them, always providing the necessary facilities.

➝ EXAMPLE: If your pool area does not have  a nice view, invest in introversion by creating a ‘secret garden’ that will make the traveler want to relax in this particular landscape. In addition to the plants (which you should choose wisely, in order not to impose cleaning and operation), create special corners with external structures and furniture that will give more reasons to the visitor to relax in this particular space and make it one of the Hotel’s must-stay spots.

Design special signs and descriptions that will enhance your pool experience and help you communicate your landscape concept.

Invest in high-end design sunbeds & umbrellas that promote the guests’ long stay and add micro-gadgets that will amaze your guests

Sunbeds are undoubtedly a pool’s most basic facility. As a matter of fact, most of the times they have a determinant role at the whole success of this dynamic outlet. First of all, a sunbed’s design in a combination with the landscape can be one of the most powerful selling points of your hotel and make your pool the most popular hotel spot.

Leaving the design aspect aside, sunbeds must also ensure that they provide travellers with all the necessary amenities and equipment, such as small tables, cases, etc. This type of equipment, apart from the needs of the service, will also solve the travellers’ storage needs for their personal items during their stay at the pool area, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, mobiles, laptops, iPads etc. You can also offer special waterproof gadgets, such as headphones, which will pleasantly surprise travellers and upgrade their experience in your pool.

➝ EXAMPLE: Ask your hotel designers to design custom-made items and equipment, always in line with the hotel’s overall design, and create multi-purpose outdoor furniture that will provide solutions to your guests’ list of needs. Pay particular attention to electronic devices and their safe storage, allowing your guests to enjoy your pool in a freer way, while enhancing your pool bar sales.

Use sun-powered charging devices on every umbrella, that will not only keep your visitors online, but will also underline your hotel’s ecological character.

Design a unique “under the sun” gastronomy experience with differentiated pool menus and convert the pool service to an all-day fun event

Hotel Pools


Gastronomy is one of the most remarkable elements during every traveler’s holidays, constituting, at the same time, one of most appealing photo-shooting subjects on Social Media. However, as far as the poolside is concerned, the needs are differentiated, since the traveler lies under the sun and gastronomy demands special attention.

In addition, the service by the pool, has to follow the rules of well-being and rejuvenation, with the staff revealing their more outgoing summer character, mostly through special uniforms that will allow them to feel comfortable in high temperatures, but also through their whole attitude.

➝ EXAMPLE: Specifically for your pool area, you can create a special Pool Menu with a choice of specific dishes, ideal to be served and consumed under high temperatures. These dishes must be easily created by the hotel’s Chef, perhaps with only a few adjustments in choices from your already existing menus. Moreover, make sure that your dishes will be served in a way that the travellers will be able to enjoy them comfortably even while lying on their sunbed, while their appearance must be still stunning in order to urge travellers to share them on Social Media.

Invest in your pool staff’s uniforms, maybe even with lively messages and quotes on their clothes, that will pass the fun message you want to share with your guests during the day.

Make a list of all the things you would personally need as a guest by a pool, and try to provide as much as possible to your guests

Create a “Baywatch” experience, with staff corresponding to what guests are expecting to see based on the personal experiences

Hotel Pools


It is a fact that some things have been connected with scenes from movies and TV series, creating the image of lifeguards and pool boys that look like top models. Funny as it seems, it is something that the guests do expect to meet during their stay by your pool, and could easily make negative comments if what they see does not match their expectations.

Apart from their appearance, what it is mostly important is that your pool’s security staff inspire safety and trust to the travellers.

➝ EXAMPLE: Choose your pool staff from athletic groups or universities, that have the appropriate certifications regarding security and safety by the pool. Besides the security issues (which hopefully won’t require any special actions), give to your employees more responsibilities regarding the pool experience. For example, let your guests know that your lifeguards can teach them specific swimming techniques or even share wellness advice with them, such as “how to exercise in the water” or “under the sun” wellness tips.

During your pool’s photo shoot, make sure to present your lifeguards in a set of photos that you will later need to fully promote your pool’s experience


Specify a 360° Pool Experience giving attention to the ambiance guests search for, depending on the time

Even if you adapt all the above, your pool’s experience will never be unique unless you pay attention in the details, such as the music and the scents that match with the pool’s ambiance.

Another important thing that boosts the “Pool Experience”, is all the necessary things that travellers need during their stay by the pool, like towels, sunscreens etc. Combined with a constant presence of gastronomy through little treats, your guests will be thrilled by the personalized care you show to them.

➝ EXAMPLE: Make a list of all the things you would personally need as a guest by a pool, and try to provide as much as possible to your guests, either through your services or even by selling products. Moreover, write down an ‘experience storyline by the pool’ and choose the sound and smells you would want to encounter during every single moment. In other words, create a 360° experience that will make your guests want to stay there forever.

Include a specially designed “Pool Bag” in all the rooms, containing towels, flip flops, and a mini sunscreen, persuading your guests to visit your pool. At the same time, you can offer the opportunity to your guests to buy the “Pool Bag” and its container, increasing your hotel’s revenue.


Swimming pools will always be the favourite point of reference for travellers, and hoteliers must specify the area with an increased understanding of their guests’ needs and desires that might arise during their stay. With proper management, pools can be one of the most dynamic hotel outlets and can create a truly high turnover for hotels.