How 'Glamping' tourism trend was created through traditional Camping and how you can use it to upgrade the facilities for your visitors

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It is ten years or so that the trend of camping has evolved and has been fully integrated into the tourist map under the term ‘glamping’, gaining a large audience of loyal travelers. With some, of course, differences, which are absolutely necessary for the adaptation to modern reality and the needs of today.

In any case, we are talking about a huge opportunity for tourism and hotel units, with many possibilities and infinite extensions! It is the noble “marriage” of luxury with nature, which like the term “Glam-ping” itself (from the abbreviation “Glamorous” and “Camping”) implies. The term refers to the experience of luxury living in nature, of course, under the conditions set for the mild tourism development of the destinations and certainly to ensure sustainability.

In fact, when the strategy of many countries around the world is in line with this treaty and is harmonized, the shift to more environmentally friendly and “greenpractices constitutes both for the companies involved in the tourism sector, and for the visitors themselves – tourists, necessity and not a choice.

How does Glamping introduce a new philosophy to tourism?

Glamping is not just about staying in one tent, it’s much more. We are talking about upgrading camping, to a more luxurious version. This is what, after all, many travelers are searching for – especially in the post-COVID era. This is a new philosophy in tourismIn the broadest sense of the word, Glamping refers to the pursuit of a sense of freedom, in conditions of comfort and relaxed pace, which is by no means a luxury and which, without exaggeration, offers the traveler an “affordableextravagance.

In addition to accommodation in tents, Glamping also supports accommodation in “yurts” (old version of the well-known tent), treehouses, windmills, caravans, train cars, “capsules“, “bubbles“, safari tents, bell tents, “pods“, even in specially designed caves, with or without electricity, with air conditioning, bathroom, kitchen, in general with all the facilities and amenities that one would have in a luxury hotel and which of course, with small differences can be adjusted to each customer needs.

More specifically, in this way, the basic issue is solved – to escape from everyday life and reconnect with nature, striving to enjoy more experiences. This is also the context in which hoteliers can take advantage of this new trend in their accommodation.

Author Tip!

Glamping is a “practice” that’s becoming a thing, as it has the smallest possible footprint in the environment and helps travelers reconnect with nature. The bet is to convince, attract and educate your customers about this new holiday model. The concept of “commitment”, from the business side, is very important, as it creates loyal customers!

Why invest in Glamping and integrate it as a new type of accommodation in your hotel?

We are talking about a global trend, which in recent years is gaining ground especially in the US, but also in Europe as it is a highly profitable and profitable investment for the hotelier. Also, given the COVID conditions, it is expected to rise even more, due to the “social distances” that are now becoming a necessity.

Glamping, while fulfilling the condition of “distance“, does not create “distances”! In the sense that the customer does not feel isolated or cut off from activities or other social groups, unless this is what they desire, in which case both the concept of autonomy and the personalized provision of experiences and services, as well as the concept of integration and group action when desired.

Author Tip!

Glamping is definitely a very good investment in tourism, with very little risk. Even if one has the plot, the cost for building permits, etc. it is often prohibitive, and surely the ROI, if it comes, will be several years late!

On the contrary, the average cost for the construction of a house – type “tent” ranges between 4,500 to 6,500 euros. Considering that an average daily rent for accommodation in similar type accommodation usually ranges between 70 to 150 euros, one easily understands that especially in popular tourist areas, the depreciation is relatively immediate (even in a single season!)

Who is the target audience and how will you reach your upcoming customers?

At the moment, Millennials (26-40 years old) are the leaders in the demand for luxury camping holidays and represent the fastest-growing demographic in the world in terms of young campers.

Greece seems to be following the global trend, although it is still at an early stage. In a survey conducted just last year (2020), on a sample of 150 people aged 18–40, 41% said they would choose to stay in a Glamping accommodation, even if the price was the same as the original accommodation of their choice. Of these potential consumers, 75% belonged to the Millennials age group (26-40 years).

If one considers that the above age audience constitutes the largest consumer (which spends directly or indirectly, through the members of the family it supports) and certainly the consumers of tomorrow, especially with the gradual integration of the “Gen Z’ers” ( 18-24 years old) in the labor market, the need arises on the part of companies to adapt to the needs of these consumer audiences and to meet their expectations.

The Glamping trend, however, does not seem to appeal only to the aforementioned audiences. Employees who need a short break from their office duties, people who live in urban centers and want an escape in nature, young couples, families with children, solo travelers, and even older people, as there are no longer any barriers or restrictions on their living conditions, tourists from foreign countries, which has been a trend for many years – all are potential customers of this accommodation type.

Author Tip!

Take advantage of the Glamping trend and integrate it into even traditional hotel units. It is an opportunity for Upselling & Cross selling as with the classic room stay, you can offer one or two nights in nature! This practice will give you an important opportunity to promote a new “model” of vacation in your accommodation, which will be very attractive and luxury and as an interesting and adventurous idea!

How to “build the experience” to benefit your accommodation!

The concept is simple; it is based on differentiation and individualized provision of services, in combination with what we would call respect for the “rules of nature” (nature rules) and harmonization with the environment.

It is important to offer your visitor the best possible deal, as travelers are now very well acquainted with the market and have all the tools to confirm it. It is important to purposefully promote the experience you offer in your accommodation, as travelers now intend to spend more, as long as they “live the experience”.

Author Tip!

Invest in the “promotion” of the consumer experience, as defined by the “4 Realms of Experience”! More specifically, the traveler-customer wants to have fun, to be educated, to escape and to receive satisfaction! Therefore, it is important to give him the opportunity to buy a vacation that is stylish and give him the opportunity to escape from his daily life!

What will you need to get the desired results and boost your accommodation sales through Glamping?

You need to invest in the development of your benefits. Initially, you will need to invest in a good website for your accommodation which you can also frame with a mobile app. Through them, you will develop your direct reservations and you will view through rich photographic content the full range of your services. For even more direct communication and interaction with the traveler, you need to have an active presence on social media (presence on the appropriate social media depending on the audience you intend to reach).

Also, you should make sure that there is complete internet communication within your accommodation and that it is advertised accordingly to your upcoming visitors. You need to provide fast Internet speeds, both in private and in public areas, as technology is useful even in nature. Do not forget your customers are excellently trained in technology and do not have the luxury of time.

Author Tip!

Invest in technology! But not only in her! “Marry” her with traditional values! Quality, respect for the customer and his needs for actions! Alternative actions: bicycles, hiking trails, wine tasting, generally anything that the “green” philosophy proposes.


In recent years, more and more urgent efforts have been made to shift from the “Sun lust” model to a more environmentally friendly model, known as “4E” (Environment and Clean Nature, Educational Tourism, Culture and History, Event and Mega Event & Entertainment and Fun).

Undertaking business practices, such as “Glamping”, implies responsibility and respect for the Environment and Sustainability, which in no way goes unnoticed by the “new – sought traveler”, as the “responsible way” of vacation now affects to a large extent degree their decision, on the one hand for the reservations, and on the other hand for the choice of destination.