This year web conference " Issues & Trends – Travel in the post-COVID19 Era" will be organized on 28 & 29 May 2020 for the 8th consecutive year!

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“ Issues & Trends” is the top annual meeting-point for experts from the eTourism, mTourism, travel technology, digital travel marketing and distribution channels with decision makers, entrepreneurs, professionals from the travel & hospitality industry of the EMEA region as well as the rest of the world, where they can exchange knowledge and experiences to learn and do business.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 brings historical changes in economies and more specifically in travelling process and habits. Greece was one of the countries that managed to control the spread of the virus the best way possible keeping the cases and the death rate to much lower numbers than the rest of Europe. On the other hand, all the major tourism generating markets have been hit severely from the virus.

So, few days before the hotels in Greece open their doors to welcome their quests the questions are many. Guests from which markets, what will be the new specifications for health and safety, will people feel safe to travel again, how they will change their traveling decisions, what technologies will be implemented to minimize the risk of the hotels and the guests, what will happen if new covid-19 cases happen in a hotel from a guest, and many more?

The web conference “ Issues & Trends – Travel in the post-COVID19 Era”, will be the platform for hoteliers and travel professionals to be informed and discuss the recent trends in travel, in the coming months as well as in a long-term horizon.

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