Evaluating the role of proper signage in every modern accommodation, Bratti Signage undertakes the construction of specially designed braille signage for hotels. See how you can incorporate special signage for people with visual impairments in your hotel, to create an accessible accommodation for everyone!

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The hospitality industry is evolving rapidly and invites travellers from all over the world and all social groups to visit hotels and various types of tourist accommodation. For this reason, the offered infrastructure of each accommodation is important to be accessible to everyone. That offers a complete experience to travellers, regardless of their social group, status, or physical disability. Therefore, hotels with the contribution of technology and proper research on the signage can accommodate their guests, providing them, seamless hotel experience. Bratti Hotel Signage, as a pioneer in the field of hotel signage, produces Braille Signs for Hotels in order to facilitate accessible hotels.

The hotel signage, as mentioned above, is one of the most important factors that affect both the operation of each property and the satisfaction of the travellers. Properly placed and shaped hotel signage indicates the care of each hotel for the guests’ convenience. Especially when we refer to people with reduced vision or other visual impairments, it is essential to provide signs in Braille. That contributes significantly to the guests’ enhanced experience. Regarding the configuration and construction of braille signs, the Bratti Hotel Signage launches a service exclusively designed for hotels, the Braille Signs for Hotels. Through this, hotels can create a safe and accessible environment for everyone.

The Braille Signs are custom-made; they can facilitate access and help visually impaired people to move around the hotel. Bratti Hotel Signage complies with all the specifications and restrictions in force in the European Union for the proper information for people with disabilities, which determines the size, the area of engraving, the color, etc. Bratti Hotel Signage has specialised staff that is accredited with the necessary certification in braille writing from the Center for Education & Rehabilitation for the Blind (KEAT Greece) to check texts for the best guests’ hotel experience.

Bratti Hotel Signage takes over the:

• Typing – text editing before converting to Braille code.

• Translation of the text from Greek or other languages into Braille code.

• Printing catalogs, forms, and floor plans in Braille code format.

• Production of signs to facilitate the movement of people with visual impairments.

Bratti Hotel Signage can create signage in Braille for your hotel, both indoors and outdoors, depending on its structure. Moreover, Bratti Hotel Signage can also translate and construct price lists, restaurant menus, leaflets, and other useful material for the hotelier, in Braille, such as floor plans of all hotel areas. The company designs the signage in Braille according to the needs of each hotel space so that they fit both the concept and the architecture of each space.