Which are the techniques you should follow during the mattresses’ cleaning procedure and which are the factors that affect its quality and life span?

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The mattress is undoubtedly the reference point of travellers’ hotel experience since it is the place of absolute relaxation and where they will spend a big part of their vacation. This also makes the mattress the hotel room’s element that requires high-quality sanitation, with the Housekeeping Staff to be called upon to follow an almost mystical process of care.

Which are the most important secrets for the right maintenance of a hotel mattress? CANDIA’s experts gathered a list of maintenance and cleaning tips, that will not only ensure a high-level service by the Housekeeping Staff but also increase the mattress’s life span.

Before we move on with the mattress’ maintenance techniques, we should first understand what affects its quality and the steps that hoteliers have to follow in order to provide an elevated sleep experience.


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Choosing a mattress made with quality materials

Materials with which a mattress is made, influence greatly its maintenance process and its quality performance. Since mattresses are the place where people spend almost 1/3 of their day, making them as natural as possible assists in enhancing the sleeping experience, provides anti-microbial properties and easy maintenance over time. Moreover, as mattress maintenance techniques require their movement, a qualitative construction guarantees less damage over time.

Bed construction specifications

In addition to the mattress itself, the base that will host it – the bed – holds an important role in its maintenance. One of the vital key points is natural ventilation of the mattress through the bedding (from the bottom using high quality backgammons or even from the side) and making sure that there is a stable structure, that will not wear out the mattress. It must be highlighted that gaps should not exceed 3 cm, in order to ensure a proper support.

The Housekeeping maintenance process

After ensuring the high quality of the mattress and the bed, a key factor is setting a procedure for the Hotel’s Housekeeping Staff, to which they should respectfully adhere. Since mattress maintenance and cleaning techniques are specific, there should be clear guidelines in place for both the daily and periodic or seasonal maintenance procedures.

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hotel mattress project - hotelier academy

Use a special coating to prevent stains and offer extra protection

The number one factor for the proper maintenance of a mattress is prevention regarding its protection. Given that the mattress will be used by dozens of different people throughout the year, it is important to ensure its protection, both from its physical use and potential accidents that may occur, such as food stains. Special coatings provide protection to the mattress from human secretions and stains, and, in combination with their anti-microbial action, increase your room’s hygiene. However, for additional protection and more comfort, especially in hotels that use high-quality mattresses, it is recommended to use an extra cover, which enhances guest experience while facilitating Housekeeping. At the same time, the use of an extra cover extends mattresses’ life span, thus maximizing the value of your investment.

Regular mattress ventilation during daily Room Service and reduction of humidity factors

Daily Room Service is one of the most essential factors in maintaining a mattress. Initially, emphasis should be placed on the best possible ventilation of the mattress, leaving the door open for as long as possible, so that it can be refreshed and release possible unpleasant odors. It is also important to ensure that there is no moisture either in the bed area or in the room in general, as it is one of the most aggravating factors for the mattress. The Housekeeping Staff should identify, and report related problems immediately while, in case of a generic moisture problem, the use of specialized dehumidifiers is recommended.

Mattress rejuvenation process after High Season but also in periods of low occupancy

The process of rejuvenating a mattress varies on a case-by-case basis, but it may include the following steps:

  • Ventilate the mattress outdoors (ideally under the sun)
  • “Side turn” the mattress for keeping its shape
  • Clean it with a vacuum without the use of steam

It is important to keep in mind that some mattresses contain materials that should do not come into direct contact with the sun and need to be covered with a lid and that the special handles on the side of the mattress are appropriate for small movements – not for the “classic” mattress turn over.

Especially in hotels, the rejuvenation process is suggested to be repeated at least 3 times a year since mattresses are used by many people, something that burdens their condition. This procedure is required especially after the high season to immediately renew the mattress, before “being shaped” in its used form and grow potential micro-organisms.

Avoid “wet cleaning methods” and cooperate with specialized cleaning services

One of the most “forbidden” practices in mattress cleaning is the use of “wet methods” such as detergents, water, and even steam. As mentioned above, moisture is one of the most destructive factors for the mattress, which means that the cleaning process should be as dry as possible. If a mattress has a stain, prefer to call a specialized cleaning service, which is familiarized with the best methods for cleaning mattresses, in order not to risk the investment you have already made.


  • Provide travellers with ironing equipment: As travellers tend to iron in the room, provide them with the appropriate equipment in order to avoid using the iron on the mattress, which is a particularly harmful tactic.
  • Provide a special tray for dining on the bed: Having a tray inside the room, possibly with a special bed-stand, will serve travellers both in terms of their gastronomic experience as well as protect your mattress from potential accidents and stains.
  • Provide the Housekeeping Staff with written rules: Written and clear instructions on how to clean your mattresses will help the Housekeeping staff to better understand the rules and prevent any possible harmful maintenance practices.

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This article on hotel mattress maintenance tips is part of “The Hotel Mattress Project”, CANDIA’s Special Hotel Campaign in collaboration with Hotelier Academy.