See the specialized presentation by Hotel Photographer Andreas Sfiridis, in collaboration with Hotelier Academy, regarding the secrets behind the most efficient Hotel Photo shoot

1 min read

A Hotel’s photo shoot is one of the most important tools for its future sales. As the travellers book the hotel remotely, it is vital that through a series of impressive images, we present the property’s spaces as well as the experiences that the guests are expected to live during their stay.

In this presentation, Hotel Photographer Andreas Sfiridis presents all the stages of an ideal hotel photo shoot and explains how we can achieve a high-quality result. More specifically, the presentation covers the below topics:

  • The importance of the correct Hotel Photo Shoot
  • The best practices for choosing the right photographer and models
  • The specification brief before each hotel photo shoot
  • The photo shooting procedure within the hotel
  • The questions answered by a complete hotel photo shoot
  • The ideal result of photo editing


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