Once again, Canaves Oia Hotel and PR MEDIACO, present a video that gives true meaning to the term "Luxury Holidays"!

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It is a known fact, that modern hoteliers know well how to set up elegant and stunning hotels. The quality of the facilities and amenities offered is always high, while contemporary Design usually dominates everything, increasing competition in what we call a “Luxury Hotel.”

But, which are the little details that would make a luxury hotel stand out, and convince travellers to book it? The only certain thing is that luxury travellers have experienced several exquisite hotels during their previous trips, so a set of attractive and elegant photos is not enough to make them dream about their next holidays, and help them take their final decision faster.

For the second time, the answer to this question is given by an amazing hotel video of Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini, Greece, produced and edited by PR MEDIACO. This brand new hotel video, literally breaks the standards of Luxury Hotel Videos, showcasing the fun and carefree side of a luxury hotel, through an exceptionally inspired choreography, in which the participants are the hotel staff along with the owner himself!

Luxury is not about being “posh” and serious, but about creating positive emotions

When trying to reach a luxurious sense through serious and flawless images, a hotel usually ends up creating a boring brand identity that does not stand out nor attract the interest of the luxury travellers. This type of imagery does not allow the potential guests to become part of the hotel, or help them dream of spending their ideal holiday in it.

In this video, however, the approach is completely different. The hotel service as well as its luxury aspect, are presented in a totally fun and creative way, bringing out positive and carefree emotions, and persuading new travellers to spend their holidays here. And for those who have already stayed in the Hotel, the Video helps them reminisce their time spent at Canaves Oia and seriously consider of going back one more time.

Smart Fact! This ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ approach, demonstrates the Hotel’s confidence in its high-quality level of services and luxury experiences it offers to its guests. Canaves Oia does not hesitate to “mess with its image” and create a fun content, that helps travellers imagine themselves within the Hotel for 2 whole minutes, experiencing its uniqueness while at home, on the road or even at their workplace.


PR MEDIACO is one of the most dynamic Travel PR, Event & Filming companies, with worldwide tourist agencies and hotels as a clientele. Recently, the company has created some of the most impressive hotel videos, and in this article, for the second time, Hotelier Academy presents its exceptional work, as a Case Study.

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The Staff is the Hotel’s soul that passes on the vibe

No matter how high the level of design and the facilities of a hotel are, the human factor is what plays the most important role in the visitor’s experience, hence determining the actual level of luxury. During their vacations, travellers meet and interact with several members of the hotel staff, who are mainly responsible for shaping the guests’ true experience.

Having this as a fact, the stars of this admirable video, are the real people of Canaves Oia! Based on their work position within the hotel, the Staff takes part in a cleverly directed choreography, helping remote travellers capture the unique sense of their future holidays in the property.

Smart Fact! The creative and funny way in which the staff takes part in the video, highlights the pleasant atmosphere within the hotel, and gives yet another reason to the guests to decide to visit the hotel. After all, there is nothing better than meeting the unique personalities that will shape your everyday holiday experience.

Gastronomy is not stylish. It’s delicious!

High-level gastronomy is usually associated with ‘static’, flawless and stylish photos of dishes. In our days of technology, when photos and videos dominate our daily life, this tends to become distant and less interesting, as travellers or food lovers look for truly mouth-watering photos and images of food, that will increase their appetite and make them dream of tasting what they see.

In this Hotel Video, the images of food are, indeed, unexpected! The whole procedure, from preparation to service, has been integrated into the choreography, passing a complete “Canaves Oia experience”. This innovative approach shows gastronomy being born from the same people who prepare and cook dishes with love, making sure to create unique flavours for the hotel guests.

Smart Fact! The Hotel Chef is shown cooking a delicious dish in a dancing mood, something that guarantees a unique gastronomic result, and which adds even more to the endless list of reasons to visit Canaves Oia.

The owner is not the boss, but the conductor of the experience!

Coordinating the Hotel staff is probably the most important factor that creates a truly luxurious experience since this is the way to ensure the right balance between high-end Facilities and top-quality Service. A luxurious hotel is expected to feature high-level amenities, as well as a satisfied and properly coordinated staff; two things that the Hotel Owner is usually responsible for.

In our case, the presence of Canaves Oia owner in the Video is one of the key-points for the final result. Especially since the character of a Luxury Boutique Hotel in Greece is directly linked to the personal involvement of the people who have envisioned it, and who are responsible for the way the whole team works, at all levels.

Smart Fact! The participation of the Hotel owner in the video, as the conductor of an inspired choreography performed by a well-satisfied staff working in absolute harmony, raises the value of the property. Moreover, it guarantees to the travellers that they will meet a high-level and well-trained staff, coordinated by the man who has created and envisioned the concept of Canaves Oia.

Competition is always hard!

There is no bigger competitor than yourself, especially when you have already succeeded and received general recognition.

After their first amazing video, Canaves Oia and PR MEDIACO, have exceeded themselves by creating another truly unique video, presenting, once again, an original scenario, which proves that Canaves Oia is not just one of the best luxury hotels in the world, but a case study for the global hotel industry, which defines new trends.