Use Social Media to increase your Hotel's sales and positioning

2 mins read

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a long discussion about the benefits of social media and their impact on hotel sales. But which is the truth around the topic? Social Media are, without a doubt, the most influential channels to reach a wide audience, but before everything else, you should learn to know what to expect. These are the top Social Media Facts to know:

  1. Facebook is the only social media channel that allows you to find specific & targeted audiences. Their buying intention is, however, difficult to be determined.
  2. Facebook is a great channel for brand positioning, however, it remains doubtful how it can actually influence your immediate sales.
  3. Most hotels focus on the wrong direction when using Facebook – they try to find new audiences, even if these travellers have no intention of visiting their hotel or destination.
  4. The best social media strategy for hotels is to work with their current guests and motivate them to use social media during their stay, for sharing their experience in the hotel with their friends and followers. After all, when a post comes from a friend, it has a much greater influence than posts coming from impersonal campaigns.
  5. Facebook is ideal for working with very specific niche markets, as you can easily reveal the audiences’ interests.
  6. The use of targeted Visual material (photos & videos) can significantly increase the results of your campaigns on any social media!
  7. Twitter and Instagram are excellent channels for developing and sharing contests with your hotel guests – this can easily increase your hotel reputation within the social networks of your guests.
  8. Twitter is also a great channel for communicating directly with your current guests and increasing the revenue of the several departments of your hotel (like restaurants & spa). At the same time, it can trigger the interest of previous guests, making them come back to your property.
  9. Google Plus is the best friend for your Search Engine Optimization efforts.
  10. You should already know that Linkedin is the best channel for B2B networking!
  11. Instagram can be an excellent tool for your brand positioning to new audiences! What could be better than an inspiring photo to make people dream about visiting your hotel?
  12. The implementation of Mobile technology is your valuable ally during your hotel social media strategy, as it can easily convert your guests to engaged social media fans who will ‘work’ for the benefit of your hotel!
  13. If your hotel does not have a dedicated marketing/social media department, then we strongly recommend finding an outsourcing Hotel Digital Marketing company, which can help you achieve the optimum results.