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Vassilis Economidis specialises in Food & Beverage Management which he has practiced in upper level companies and in cities such as London, Athens, Copenhagen and Moscow. He has a deep knowledge of the hospitality and food industry specializing in fine dining, in training "front office" staff, and concept development. His passion for wine has led him to the completion of the third level of WSET while he is a member of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale. His studies include a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Communications from UCA University in London and since 2018 he has been a member of the management team of Spondi, the country’s most award-winning gastronomic restaurant.
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Hotel restaurant: 5 steps to conquer uniqueness
3 years ago

Hotel restaurant: 5 steps to conquer uniqueness

Hospitality and catering are interrelated, while also being interdependent industries. We travel in order to experience the culture of a place, to taste the marrow of its tradition. For the …
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