In less than 12 months, Bassa Maina Villas & Suites in Mani managed to become one of the top boutique hotels in Greece, combining elements of regional architecture, modern design, and local culture.

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Boutique hotels are, without a doubt, the new dynamic trend of luxury tourism in Greece, and the competition among them is constantly growing. In the upcoming region of Peloponnese, more and more beautiful properties are being created, focusing on the provision of a complete boutique experience for the traveller. These hotels usually stand out for their upgraded design, personalized service, and high-level of gastronomy, that manage to win the travellers’ hearts.

In this highly competitive environment, Bassa Maina Villas & Suites, a brand new 4-star boutique hotel in Mani, has turned into a real Case Study. This beautiful property became the center of attention as early as its very first month of operation, by capturing a top position in the “Boutique Hotels” list, not only for Peloponnese, but for the whole Greece as well. Its unique location, the excellent combination of modern design with local architecture, the exceptional gastronomy, and the overall upgraded approach during the property’s Concept specification and development, were the main ‘tools’ for the hotel’s early success. Managing to turn its isolated location into a significant comparative advantage, Bassa Maina is already considered an exclusive “hideaway retreat” for luxury travellers in Greece.

But what was the process followed during the property’s specification and development and how does the hotel’s team manage to maintain and enhance its reputation and high-quality service as time goes by? And what were the actions that immediately made the hotel one of the most recognizable properties in Greece? This Case Study analyzes the case of Bassa Maina, focusing on all the unique elements that make it stand out.

The isolated location turned into a key-selling advantage, making the hotel a Destination by itself  

Bassa Maina

The area where the hotel is built is located in a non-populated part of the region, approximately 2000 meters above sea level. Given the hotel’s distance from the nearest settlement, the property’s creative team emphasized on the development of a complete staying experience, that allows guests to enjoy serenity and privacy without feeling disconnected.

The strict architectural specifications set by the local Archeology authorities, which have significantly contributed in the preservation of the traditional architecture in all the villages of the region, were actually the basic guidelines during the villas’ design. On the other hand, the unique shape of the plot allowed the various Villas to be built in an “amphitheatrical” arrangement, providing lots of natural light to every spot, as well as unobstructed views of the sunset and the sea.

It is very interesting to examine the way in which the hotel’s specification and development team handled the various issues that arose during the construction period (i.e. strict Archeology standards, isolated location etc), and how they managed to reach an excellent result, by making smart use of each one of those issues.

Bassa Maina is an ideal example of how a property can overcome any disadvantages related to its location or characteristics, by accepting all the potential restrictions and using them smartly to its advantage.


The architectural design shaped a unique landscape that highlights the local experience, in absolute harmony with the surrounding environment and nature 

Bassa Maina

The wild beauty of the landscape that surrounds Bassa Maina gives out romantic vibes, drawing a unique setting of serenity, relaxation, and getting in touch with nature.

The Villas are built in a distant piece of land, surrounded by an almost untouched natural landscape. Apart from the unique scenery that this location creates, it also allows travellers to experience nature from a closer view. Especially during spring, the smells and the sounds of nature offer a truly unique feeling. Another noteworthy thing is the fact that the location where the hotel is built resembles a “caldera”, which, in combination with the hotel’s orientation to the west, makes the sunset hour truly unforgettable.

The effort to connect the travellers with the surrounding nature extends to the rooms’ overall design of their interior and exterior spaces. First of all, the rooms are spacious enough to create a feeling that reminds more of a house in the countryside rather than a hotel room. Apart from the interior spaces, huge attention has also been paid to the Villas’ courtyards, in order to enhance the sense of independence and privacy. The size of the courtyards ranges from 50m² to 100m², creating ample spaces where travelers can enjoy the authentic meaning of summer holidays in Greece: Living outside!

Courtyards are ideal for sunbathing, enjoying the sunset or relaxing in the private Jacuzzi while overlooking the sea.

One of the rising trends in the global tourism industry, is Wellness, perceived in its broader meaning – wellbeing, rejuvenation, connection with nature, physical activities etc. In a country with incredible natural beauty, such as Greece, the hotel guests should experience the maximum level of connection with nature and enjoy everything that Greek people are used to enjoy in their daily life.

For a permanent resident of Peloponnese, spending a summer night out in the courtyard, beneath the stars, while enjoying the serenity of nature, is not something special. But for a guest coming from the other side of the Earth, could be an experience of a lifetime.


The combination of modern design with the local traditional character, becomes a landmark for the property’s image

Staying in Bassa Maina feels like a journey through time, that somehow manages to keep you in touch with the present. The initial goal of the hotel’s design team was to maintain the balance between modern design and local architecture, and create a high-level harmonious result.

In this particular hotel, all villas and suites are differently decorated as they have a different layout and distinct “personality”. The local traditional architecture is reflected in a luxurious yet “zen” edition, aiming to enhance the guests’ comfort, serenity, and relaxation. While designing the interior spaces, the creative team gave particular emphasis on the choice of the natural materials that were used: stone, wood, white wooden frames, light linen fabrics, cotton items, 3 types of pillows, etc.

These carefully selected materials and objects complement the stone shells of the houses, giving a modern touch that lightens the heavy effect of the stone. Evidently, the rooms become warm and welcoming with a light and pleasant breeze.

In their effort to create a hotel intimately linked to the destination, the property’s creators drew all those elements from the local architecture that served their purpose and “married” them with modern aesthetics and style.

While developing a hotel, it is always important to keep in mind that a great part of the concept should have a direct link to the destination where the property is located. Besides, travelers who visit your hotel want to explore and experience all the aspects of the area – from architecture to food, culture and local tradition.


The personalized service highlighted the property’s boutique character

Bassa Maina

The philosophy and character of a boutique hotel is linked to the provision of personalized services, that treat each guest individually and strive hard to cover and — ideally — exceed their expectations. The people of Bassa Maina understood this crucial need from the very first moment and gave major attention to this particular section.

The property’s philosophy is that not all guests have the same needs, so the staff tries to understand each client’s wishes and desires to the greatest extent, even before their arrival, in order to be able to offer them the best possible experience.

In a proper boutique hotel, we should always ensure that we gain the trust of our customers, through personal contact, targeted answers and solutions to their questions, and, of course, through our constant efforts of upgrading their stay in every single detail.

For example, at Bassa Maina, the water in the Jacuzzi of each villa is replaced after every check-out, cleansed and refilled in the appropriate temperature ahead of the next guest’s arrival. Of course, the customers are aware of this service, and they immediately feel a sense of trust and satisfaction towards a property that obviously works hard for their maximum comfort.


Gastronomy becomes a point of reference for the hotel’s personality, completing the connection with the local culture 

Bassa Maina

A guest’s experience in a new destination cannot be considered complete without a direct connection with the local gastronomy and cuisine.

Bassa Maina’s cuisine is based on the local gastronomic culture. Simple and authentic recipes are prepared in a modern way based on carefully selected local, fresh ingredients. The best way to be served is to be accompanied by a fine selection of wines from the most famous wineries in Greece.

Apart from the great flavors, the hotel restaurant’s highlight is its unique view of the sea and the sunset, that creates fantastic scenery, ideal for photo shooting. Particular emphasis is also given in breakfast, which is where each hotel has the opportunity to convince its guests for its cuisine’s high quality. In addition to the various daily dishes, always inspired by the local cuisine, customers can choose among 7 different egg recipes, one for each day of the week.

Since the products used in Bassa Maina are mostly local and seasonal, the menu is renewed on a regular basis and adjusted to each season. This practice is really exciting particularly for repeating guests, as it gives them the opportunity to try something different during their each visit. As a matter of fact, a hotel’s high level of gastronomy could be a whole different reason to visit it again.

An upgraded hotel restaurant should always have something new to offer, ideally inspired by the local gastronomy culture. The use of local ingredients and the promotion of local products (such as local wines), increase the customers’ satisfaction and enhance consumptions.


The property’s communication strategy was based on quality and not quantity, bringing the hotel in touch with high-quality audiences, from the first moment of its creation

Since its opening, the owners and the team of Bassa Maina gave a great emphasis on communicating their hotel, both to the travellers as well as the wider hospitality market. Always following very targeted actions and carefully choosing its promotional channels, Bassa Maina managed to reach the quality audiences that form its main target groups, very quickly.

Among the first and main actions of the property’s promotion was its participation in the annual 100% Hotel Design Awards, where it managed to receive two awards: “Best Villa” and “Best Surrounding Location”. The participation in this competition ensured for the hotel direct visibility among Hoteliers and Architects in Greece and Cyprus, and helped it stand out due to its upgraded design and aesthetics.

At the same time, the hotel made a well-specified and high-aesthetics photo shoot, that perfectly reflects the property’s character. What is also interesting is to examine the hotel’s Social Media profiles, and especially its Instagram account, where guests can find a different kind of visual material than the one used on its official Website, focusing mostly on real-life content and behind-the-scenes experiences. In fact, all photos in the hotel’s Instagram profile have a specific filter, which gives a solid image and clear consistency to the content.

The direct and up-to-date communication of a new hotel with its audience (as impressive as it may be), is of great importance during its first steps for establishing its presence within the wider hotel market. In the case of Bassa Maina, modern positioning methods were cleverly used, each one targeting different audiences.

Generally speaking, the participation in high-esteemed competitions can enhance a property’s positioning on a B2B level, and highlight its architectural and design features. On the other hand, a proper strategy in Social Media approaches potential travellers more effectively, since they are always excited with a new project that manages to stand out.


Conclusion: The importance of a luxury hotel’s ongoing evolution

Bassa Maina

The hotel market is constantly changing. A luxury hotel should always be up-to-date regarding the latest trends of the market and make constant adjustments and improvements (both on a design/renovation level as well as in the amenities and services that it offers) to ensure a permanent high-level satisfaction for its guests.

In its brief period of existence, Bassa Maina has confirmed the above in the best possible way, as its staff never stops trying to improve and upgrade the hotel’s services. The excellent guest reviews are a reward to these efforts and allow the property to continue its successful progress within the market, establishing its position as one of the most dynamic new-entries in the Greek Hotel Market.