See how glass has managed to become one of hoteliers’ favorite materials and get inspiration about its best implementation in your hotel’s design.

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Hotel design evolves and develops constantly, introducing new products and materials that replace the traditional ones, and provide new experiences to modern hotel guests. The challenge for creating impressive accommodation properties grows bigger and bigger, since hotels keep their design on a high level, presenting amazing and notable buildings. Therefore, the biggest emphasis is now given in combining impressive design with the optimum operation and experience.

Within this context, glass has managed to stand out over the past few years. It is gradually becoming one of the favorite materials of today’s hoteliers and architects, since its proper usage can deliver functional hotels with outstanding design, while, at the same time, it can guarantee high aesthetics at very competitive costs.

But what are the cases in which glass can actually provide practical solutions and create a unique aesthetic result, and which are the best examples that can inspire a hotelier? In collaboration with the company Trikkis Curvglass, we present in this article useful ideas about using glass in your hotel, highlighting the main points we should keep in mind during its implementation.


Trikkis Company specializes in glass installation, and has a significant experience in hotels as well as other large-scale projects. For this article, we worked really closely with the company’s experts, aiming to provide the most clever solutions that would help hoteliers use glass in the best possible way, avoiding important mistakes.

Glass ideas for hotels that inspired us:


Glass used on a building’s facade, can transform a hotel into a work of art!

Hotels made of glassChetzeron – Switzerland, Canton Of Valais, Crans Montana

A hotel’s facade is one of the most crucial design topics, since it will specify the entire property’s character and — most of the times — become its most distinctive element. The way glass is used is really important, since it affects the building’s overall aesthetics and creates the first impression for the coming guests. In addition, an impressive facade attracts distant travellers’ interest and invites them to remotely discover the hotel through the internet.

What to keep in mind:

Within a broader ecological approach, a thorough study must ensure the optimum lighting and heating/air conditioning effectiveness, and examine whether the proportion of glass and solid walls affects energy consuming. Emphasis must be also given in the external architectural concept, that will make the hotel recognizable and unique, enhancing its popularity and success.

Glass dividers in rooms save space, and offer upgraded comfort and functionality

Hotels made of glassRadisson Blu Es. Hotel, Rome

In most cases, the challenge for saving square meters in a room for the benefit of the guest, is very big. The architect, must not only find the right place for several furniture within a small room, but create a complete experience for the guest who is expected to spend a significant amount of time within this room. As a result, the quest for new solutions that guarantee comfort and functionality, lies on the front row. Once again, glass is the answer to this issue, since it manages to save space in a room, that a classic wall would “steal”. Moreover, a glass divider makes the room look bigger, more bright and more comfortable.

What to keep in mind:

It is very important to thoroughly study the needs of each room to be divided, so that we don’t lower the experience quality. Particular emphasis must be given in ensuring the vital sound insulation (e.g. in the bathrooms), and examine whether visual insulation should be also taken into consideration. Since glass is a transparent material, we must focus on preserving the guest’s privacy, that plays a major role in the overall experience.

Glass in the bathroom is prettier and more impressive when it’s smart! 

Hotels made of glassOlive Green Hotel Greece, Heraklion

It is widely popular to use glass walls for diving bathrooms in hotel rooms. There is also a popular trend that allows parts of the bathroom to be visually accessible through the room’s main spaces, something that makes the room look bigger and more open. Among the many options for achieving this result, we have picked the “smart glass” solution, which allows the guest to choose whether the glass should be transparent or not. Using such a material makes a bathroom look more impressive than ever, since it is not only beautiful but has the benefit of adjusting to each guest’s needs, through a technology that is seldom found in houses.

What to keep in mind:

It is vital to ensure total sound insulation in the bathroom area, which will guarantee the guest’s maximum comfort. It is also advisable to allow the guest choose whether the bathroom should be visible or not from the room. Studying the bathroom design is not an easy task, since, even though it has been proved to be a very important factor that shapes the experience (particularly for couples), we still come across some serious mistakes in their specification.


Particularly within the bathroom, “smart glass” can be a truly unique solution, since it allows the guest to choose the desired level of privacy and highlight the bathroom as one of the room’s major decorative elements. Trikkis Company provides this particular solution and specializes in its optimum implementation.

Furniture made of glass provide bigger comfort and give a modern approach to every space

Hotels made of glassSanto Domingo Spain, Madrid

It is, a fact, that glass surfaces create a more “airy” room design, ensuring a modern character and contemporary aesthetics. Over the past few years, industrial designers from all over the world dare to present more bold combinations of glass with various materials (such as wood, metal, stone etc), creating an impressive result that will last in time and has nothing to do with previous furniture design. 

What to keep in mind:

Firstly and most importantly, the guest’s safety. We must always ensure that the glass used follows the required security specifications. It is also very important to have in mind the glass’s increased maintenance and housekeeping needs, that will guarantee the preservation of a high aesthetics level.

Last But Not Least!

Before choosing glass for any use, you must carefully study its implementation with your architect, as well as with the glass provider you have selected, who will be in position to answer any questions you might have. Asking an expert’s opinion is always necessary, as is simulating the guest’s experience, for whom we must always ensure the best and most memorable experience.