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The first step towards branding stability and, certainly, a hotelier’s everlasting endeavor is the creation of a powerful guest database. A guest database delivers valuable insights into a customer’s purchasing behavior and accommodation preferences, helping the hotel to develop a unique profile for its customers, leading to a hyper-personalized service, and a highly efficient marketing strategy.

Every existing and new hotel faces the challenge of creating a high-quality guest database – after all, building a loyal clientele is a continuous procedure that requires the hotelier’s full attention. It’s quite a challenge, indeed, but the key to success lies in perfect coordination and well-structured management. However, what’s the key step to creating a strong guest database? And how can you accomplish such a deed when bigger/older hotels haven’t already?

The answer is found in a unique case study of a relatively new boutique hotel in the United Kingdom called The Pilgrm Hotel, which strived to create a killer guest database from scratch since its first opening in 2017. How did The Pilgrm succeed in creating a top-notch database and drive revenue with a personalized marketing strategy? Let’s find out how they managed to reach 20,000 contacts literally from zero, through a special case study published by Cendyn.


Cendyn: innovative technology that will help you connect with your guests

Cendyn is an innovative cloud software and services provider that offers a complete set of modern software services that help hotels get a hold of their marketing campaigns, sales, revenue, and operations. Cendyn is widely known for its robust CRM, which is packed with lots of features, marketing automation, and guest intelligence, that will help you build your customer relations easily and efficiently.

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